High Testosterone in Men

10 Signs You Have High Testosterone

A man’s testosterone levels have a strong influence on how he behaves and even how successful he is in life. Generally the more testosterone a man has, the better he will feel and perform in his daily life. On the other side, men with low testosterone experience negative side effects like fatigue, depression, low libido and fat gain.

If you want to know if you have high testosterone levels, take a look at these signs below:

1. You have a high sex drive

Not only will you want to have sex a lot, but you will also be able to get erections very easily. You’re not one of those guys who has issues keeping it up during sex.

Men who take steroids are injecting testosterone, their testosterone levels are much higher than normal. A few guys who took steroids have told me about how they couldn’t stop having sex with their girlfriends. Sex was on their minds 24/7.

If you have a very high sex drive and easily get erections, you definitely have sufficient testosterone levels. 

2. Your ring finger is longer than your index finger.

testosterone ring finer

Research has shown that men who were exposed to high testosterone in the womb, develop ring fingers that are longer than their index fingers.

If your ring finger is a lot longer than your index finger, it is highly likely you were exposed to a good amount of testosterone prenatally. 

3. You are more aggressive towards others.

Men with high testosterone are more likely to pick fights and respond with violence when provoked.

Studies have shown that men who have committed crimes have much higher levels of testosterone on average, compared to non criminals. A lot of high testosterone men have shorter tempers and will pick a fight for the fun of it. 

4. You are aloof and don’t talk much.

This doesn’t mean that you’re shy if you have high testosterone. What I’m referring to is the Lone Wolf, the James Bond type of man that women go crazy over. The guy who doesn’t say much, but when he does everyone listens.

These men aren’t shy, but they don’t desire to chit chat and talk constantly about things that don’t really matter.

These men care more about actions than words. Studies have shown that men with high testosterone are more aloof than average men. They tend to spend a good amount of time alone or away from the group. 

5. You have the facial features of a high testosterone man

These include small eyes, larger than average noses, wide jaws, large square chins, a pronounced supraorbital ridge, and thicker eyebrows. A study showed that women find men with high testosterone faces to be the best looking men, when the women are fertile.  However, you don’t have to have every characteristic to have an attractive or high testosterone face. 

A good example of a high testosterone face: WWE Wrestler Randy Orton.

randy orton

Other physical signs of high testosterone are wide shoulders, a deep voice and a big adam’s apple. 

6. You are impulsive and take a lot of risks. 

Men with high testosterone tend to be much more impulsive in decision making. They usually don’t carefully think things through, they tend to make decisions quickly. They also take a lot of risks, such as engaging in more potentially dangerous activities like violent sports. 

7. You would rather have casual sex with many women than have a girlfriend.

These guys generally prefer to have many short term sexual encounters than long term relationships. This isn’t to say that they don’t ever date women, but they would rather sleep around. 

8. You are driven by power and status.

These men tend to be very motivated by things like money, power and fame. They want power over other people and tend to choose careers and jobs that lead them to that.

They want to be more important than other people so they work hard to achieve that. 

9. You gain muscle and lose fat easily.

Bodybuilder Posing

Research shows, that men who take steroids (synthetic testosterone), gain muscle and lose fat without any exercise at all. Testosterone is a muscle builder, it will put some serious size on you if you have high levels in your bloodstream. That’s why men take steroids, it makes them gain size easily.

Of course steroid levels are much higher than normal testosterone levels, so having naturally high testosterone doesn’t produce a huge difference in muscle growth. But there is a slight difference compared to low testosterone men, who usually struggle to put on any muscle. 

Having normal to higher testosterone levels also makes it harder to gain fat. Men with higher testosterone tend to have lower bodyfat percentages, and men with low testosterone tend to have higher bodyfat percentages. Testosterone can raise your metabolic rate making you burn more calories, which leads to fat loss. 

10. You are full of energy and confidence. 

Men with high testosterone have a greater work capacity and don’t get tired as quickly during the day. They can do a lot of physical activity and still be energized. 

Higher testosterone is also associated with higher confidence and a greater sense of well being. You would have a lot less social anxiety, and you would feel more assertive when speaking. You would be much more motivated to accomplish challenges throughout the day. 

You don’t have to have all 10 of these signs to have high testosterone levels.

The only way you’ll truly know is if you get a blood test done to check testosterone and estrogen (which all men should do regardless of their age).

My testosterone levels are on the high end of the normal range at 940 ng/dl (normal range: 300-1100). And I personally have 9 out of the 10 traits.

Get your testosterone levels checked ASAP if you think you’re on the lower end. 

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  1. Really great post Ryan! Would another example of high testosterone face be someone like Brock Lesnar, who was also a wrestler?

    1. Not a bad thing at all, its really how you look at it. I’d rather be a masculine man with high testosterone than a weak guy with low testosterone and low confidence.

  2. Great article i was actually searching for this. Describe very briefly i appreciate the effort of Ali to write this post. Definitely come back in future for more info.

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