benefits of nofap and quitting porn

15 Benefits of Quitting Pornography

The thought of quitting porn never crossed my mind until I stumbled across websites that mentioned the NoFap ® community. These are internet communities of men who abstain from masturbation and pornography. At first, I thought they were somewhat strange but then I realized exactly what they were talking about. 

These NoFap ® websites are becoming more popular as the days go on. A few years ago there weren’t many people who knew about it. Now I truly believe they are mainstream.

Remember that masturbation alone usually isn’t the issue, some men don’t experience any negative side effects from masturbating without porn.

Excessive porn use is the real problem here.

Regardless, most men actually benefit from quitting both pornography and masturbation altogether.

I normally write about Fitness and Self Improvement, but I believe this is a very important topic for today’s men of all ages. 

I’ve quit watching pornography and have seen a ton of benefits.

I didn’t believe the hype at first either, but here are the 15 benefits I have experienced and countless other men have reported.

15 Benefits of Quitting Pornography 

1.  Increased Testosterone.

 According to one study, your testosterone levels rise (145.7% from baseline) after 7 days of abstinence. This is only one study, so it’s possible if more studies were done that we might see the higher testosterone becoming your new baseline level for longer periods of time. A few guys have had bloodwork done while abstaining and they reported test levels much higher than before.

I had to test this for myself and finally had bloodwork done (July,2015) on my 11th Day of No Porn or Masturbation.

My testosterone levels were measured at 819 ng/dl, compared to a blood test a year ago where they were 535 ng/dl. That’s a pretty significant increase, but I was also eating healthier and training harder in the gym. So it could be due to either factor.

2. You’re no longer a Slave to watching porn everyday. 

Many guys have a daily routine that includes them masturbating multiple times. A lot of these guys are actually addicted to pornography and don’t even realize it.

You might get urges to watch porn here and there when you’re first starting to quit. Eventually though, you won’t feel the urge to watch it all the time.

If you had a serious addiction you will feel great when you no longer feel like opening your laptop and rubbing one out everyday.

3. Increased Motivation. 

How to get motivated

Almost everyone who has quit porn or masturbation has reported a general increase in motivation.

This could be due to a number of factors, but I definitely noticed this too.

I felt like I could accomplish anything I set my mind too and I was happy with the journey I was taking. The further I got away from porn, the harder I worked on my goals. 

4. Decreased Social Anxiety and Increased Social Skills. 

This is one of the most common things that men report after quitting pornography/masturbation. Maybe this is caused by your brain rewiring and not getting so much dopamine released from porn use.

Now in everyday life, guys experience less anxiety and behave in a prosocial manner. I’ve seen countless posts on Reddit/r/NoFap, of young men saying they had severe social anxiety before. After they quit porn it almost made their anxiety completely vanish. If you don’t think that’s true, go check it out yourself.

Keep in mind, to get better at socializing you need to socialize. 

Quitting porn/masturbation can give you the drive to put yourself out there and do just that.

5. Increased Confidence. 

You no longer feel nervous and you begin to feel confident in yourself. As the days pass by, you gain the ability to really believe in yourself. 

Masturbating drains you of energy that you can use to talk to people. (I know that sounds weird, but it’s real).

Would you rather spend your time and energy on a porn video or spend them on something worthwhile?

I also experienced great confidence boosts during periods of abstinence. They are absolutely great when you’re at a bar meeting new girls. I felt like I was good enough to talk to anybody. 

6. You’ll have more time in the day to do other things. 

mountain bike man outdoors

Now that you don’t spend 3 hours a day watching porn, you can use that time to improve yourself or work on something you care about.

Many guys spend countless hours searching for “just the right video” to get off and that can really burn through some time. Instead of jerking off you could hit the gym, hang out with friends, work on your hobbies, etc.

Now that I’ve quit porn, I have more time to work on so many things in my life. It’s truly a game changer. 

7. Increased Sex Drive. 

This is fairly straightforward.

If you don’t masturbate, your sex drive will go through the roof. I’ve experienced this and so have many others. You’ll even get stronger erections when you’re with a real woman. 

Before quitting porn, I would see an attractive woman walking down the street and not really care that much. I didn’t have a very strong urge to actually talk to the woman in question. Now I feel like a real man again and get turned on just by seeing a beautiful woman in my vicinity.

Your body will crave a release and you can use that new passion to talk to women instead.

8. Your attraction to real people will be much greater.

happy people relaxing and talking in cafe

Instead of satisfying your urges with women on a screen, you’ll find pleasure in actually meeting real women face to face (like I said in #7).

Many guys report feeling a strong connection with people that they didn’t really notice or care about before.

They start to appreciate the friends they have and the people around them. Many of them built stronger connections to family and friends than they’ve ever had before. 

9. Your sexual tastes will not change into crazy fetishes (if they haven’t already).

As you’ve probably experienced, regular porn tends to get boring. People move on to more hardcore videos and scenes. Some people might go from watching two girls kissing, to now watching beastiality and rape scenes.

I’ve read posts on NoFap where guys went from normally watching straight porn to watching transexual and gay porn.

If that isn’t a reason enough to stop I don’t know what is. Of course I’m not against homosexuality, but for a straight person to watch that is not exactly normal.

If you keep it up, you might end up only being able to orgasm to that specific fetish. I’ve heard of many straight women nowadays that watch lesbian genres, so it really goes both ways. There was a gay man who posted on /r/NoFap who said his porn addiction led him to watching only women instead of men, even though he wasn’t attracted to women in real life.

This shows us that pornography can really change your sexual tastes. After he quit porn, his original sexual preference returned.

10. You might get a deeper voice, according to many personal reports. 

Maybe this is due to increased testosterone or increased confidence, but I’ve experienced this too. After I watch porn I feel weak and less assertive, but on long streaks of not masturbating I feel the opposite way.

I feel aggressive, assertive and grounded. Deeper voices command the attention of the room. 

11. You’ll actually start flirting with women

Cheerful man and woman working and flirting

This is similar to #8, you no longer have the chance to get a release from masturbating so now you need to find an actual person to do that. Many guys feel intensely motivated to chase after women because they realize this. Sexual energy is very strong and if you stop yourself from jerking off, you can use that drive/energy to go after the woman of your dreams.

Before quitting porn, a lot of guys said they never had the balls to talk to girls. They claimed that they were simply too nervous or just not motivated to do it.

Quitting porn can be a great tool to force yourself to get out there. Many guys end up getting their first real relationship after quitting porngraphy and that is amazing.

12. Curing Erectile Dysfunction or Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED). 

If you haven’t heard of it, “PIED” is something scientists are starting to recognize. More and more young guys are reporting erectile problems than any other time in human history. Guys in their teens and twenties (in their sexual prime), can no longer achieve erections.

The one variable that changed everything…was high-speed internet porn.

Years ago, men would jerk off to playboy magazines, but today’s children now have access to hardcore videos at anytime on their phones and laptops. Their brains are exposed to things they never would have imagined without porn. When it comes time to have sex with a real person they fail miserably.

A quote from a YBOP article:

“If we compare recent research to earlier studies, young men today are experiencing anywhere from a 600% to 1500% increase in ED since the advent of the internet.” 

To cure PIED or to prevent it, you need to stop watching porn (plain and simple). There isn’t a specific timetable to get over erectile dysfunction, but be assured that with some effort it can definitely happen.

13. You’ll have more energy. 

I experienced a large increase in energy throughout the day. I would wake up in the morning feeling horny and alert, often sleeping less than normal.

Even though I slept less overall, I actually felt better.

Later in the day, I didn’t feel that afternoon grogginess that a lot of people experience. I used this energy to work on other avenues in my life.

14. You’ll get more looks from women. (according to many guys)

Seductive smile

I’ve noticed this phenomenon as well and I honestly can’t pinpoint exactly why this happens. Some guys claim that it must have to do with pheromones. Women apparently are more sensitive to the smell of a man and can pick up on it somehow.

I don’t believe that is the explanation but anything is possible. I think it might have to do with the fact that many guys start to take care of themselves more.

They start to dress nicer, groom themselves and workout, which of course will attract more women. Additionally, they might walk with better posture and more confidence which contributes to the new looks they get from women passing by. 

Having confident and manly body language will make women turn their heads towards you.  

15. You’ll be able to hold strong eye contact.

Maybe this is due to the decrease in social anxiety and your increase in confidence.

Or maybe you’re so damn horny that you stare down every reasonably attractive woman you see.

Regardless, many people with social anxiety have problems looking people in the eyes.

I never did, but I did notice after quitting porn that I felt a strong need to look everyone in the eyes. It was strange at first, I could glance at a beautiful woman across the room and hold eye contact like a boss. Some chumps claim “it’s creepy to stare at a woman.” The last time I checked, that’s how you see if she’s interested.

If she holds eye contact and smiles there is your green light.

To Wrap Things Up

Some of these benefits might seem like they’re too good to be true, but they’re not.

Keep in mind, you don’t get these benefits from only a few days of not touching yourself.

Most men notice changes in about a week and major changes 3-4 weeks and beyond. 

You’re not going to die if you miss out on watching your favorite porn scene.

All that you need to survive is food, water and rest; pornography is not one of your life essentials. (if that isn’t obvious)

Give it a shot, you cannot truly refute these claims unless you’ve tried it for yourself.

I didn’t know if quitting porn would “work” myself, but I can honestly say that I experienced all of the benefits above, excluding the PIED because I never had it.

Many men who have porn addictions also struggle with anxiety or depression.

(Read: How To Beat Social Anxiety) and (Read: How To Beat Depression)

If you need a support forum or group you should check out the large and growing community of Reddit/r/NoFap. Or check out another good website YourBrainOnPorn which includes a lot more information on beating pornography addiction.

Or check out my newer post, 5 Tips to Quit Internet Porn.

Don’t limit yourself only to giving up porn. Challenge yourself to become better in other areas of life. 

Self-Improvement isn’t just about quitting pornography.

Share the article if it helped you decide to quit, it may truly help someone else.

Good luck.


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  1. Thnx a lot for this post, i’ve only been a day and 14 hours with noFap and i already feel some changes such as way less anxiety, more calm overall, and i eventually will be more confident and PIED might vanish, i think i got the ED because of over stimilation and too much porn and too many ejaculations for a period of time, and i guess that drained my body and for the last week i havent been easily stimulated, and im hoping that if i quit my erections will get better… This is where it gets tricky if you watch too much porn for a long period of time, you get used to getting aroused by that type of situation, and what happens in porn will prob. never happen in real life, or atleast not with the same intensity, so i was feeling like i had PIED which i think is the case, but i was around this one girl this one day and she just gave me real stimulating sexual signs, and i got a pretty good erection better than watching porn, so this girl is one in a 100 because she was just that into sex(or so i thought) and she gave me mad sgins she wanted to have sex or even see my weiner, now with other girls if they are just regular girls i didnt get as excited, not even a full erection, so if you watch too much porn it takes a lot more to get you aroused and im hoping that if i quit porn and do nofap for a while, i’ll eventually get aroused easier, instead of having a super honry girl getting me aroused, maybe just a regular girl would do the trick like it used to be a couple of years back…. like before just the act of kissing and making out would get me horny, now i feel anxiety and low self stem, and i pretty much dont even hang out with that many girls due to exessive porn and exessive masturbation, i dont feel the need to interact as much, and after a while of noFap i believe i’ll be more social and will eventually find a girl to make out with and do the real thing instead of getting turned on by a screen…. i know this is too much for a comment but after a started i just had to “say” it… thnx again for sharing the benefits of noFap and no porn…

    1. Stay strong man NoFap really does take a lot of discipline. I failed multiple times before I reached even a 10 Day Streak. As far as getting erections go that wasn’t the main reason I started noFap. I tried it because I was sick of watching porn and wanted to see if the benefits of quitting were true. But I’ve always been a guy that immediately gets really turned on just from kissing a girl, on NoFap I got aroused simply talking to women. I guarantee you’ll see that same thing happen, and since its only been a little over a day for you just have some patience. Usually for me around Day 5 or 6 my sex drive really kicks into overdrive. Good luck.

  2. I really wish more people knew about the problems of porn and how its affecting our youth. Hopefully with posts like this we can spread the message out. I’m going to share this article anywhere I can if thats okay with you.

    1. Thanks for reading, and yes of course you can share it with anyone you’d like. I also hope more people find out about the problems with porn use.

  3. Amazing post RJ, if you don’t mind. One of the other items that was increasingly discussed was the close similarities between the symptoms of the addiction to Fap and ADHD (brain fog, lack of attention, etc.). I do agree that ADHD is a medical condition, but if nowadays with kids having more access to porn and begin their possible addiction a bunch of those supposed ADHD symptoms could be the result of the Fap. Hopefully doctors are seeing more of this and making a possible connection to it and talking with the parents before prescribing Retalin, Adderall, etc.

    1. Thanks for reading, scientists are definitely seeing brain changes, specifically in the frontal lobe from frequent pornography use. Perhaps that is the reason why many experience so many changes with quitting. I’m sure some guys get bored easily and probably do have that connection with pornography, leading to lower satisfaction in other areas of their lives. I definitely don’t think young children should be prescribed powerful drugs like adderall.

  4. All of these facts are so true. I haven’t really had any problem with PIED or ED (as far as i know) but I struggle a lot with the other issues. #9 is definitely true, I went from watching ordinary harmless porn to watching extreme fucked up Japanese porn. Now after undergoing nofap for months I feel more normal than ever before and find myself thinking less disgusting thoughts, the urge to watch porn is still there though…

  5. I came to this article expecting at least some shitty/bullshit reasons for quitting. The crazy thing is I was actually blown away reading this. I didn’t know porn could cause so many issues, I’m a guy that thought it was just normal to watch it. Thanks for putting this out there, today I’m officially quitting.

    1. Thanks for checking this out and good luck with quitting, it’s definitely not a walk in the park. I failed the first few times I tried because I kept justifying why I should just watch it and get it over with.

  6. I do consider all the ideas you have introduced for your post.
    They are really convincing and will certainly work.
    Nonetheless, the posts are too quick for starters.

    May just you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time?
    Thanks for the post.

  7. I quit porn over two weeks ago, and have not experienced any of these results. I do not believe that porn is responsible for negative side effects, (except maybe PIED) but our disappointment about the expectation of what we think our lives should be like.

    1. Well here’s the thing. Some people don’t experience negative side effects from porn use. You might be one of those people, where you can watch porn a few times a week and still feel normal. However, I can also tell you that it can take longer than 2 weeks for most people to notice a serious difference in themselves.

  8. Basically im on day 3 aswell and i don’t even feel the urge to watch porn,i mean for now i dont even struggle not watching porn. mIs there something wrong with me?

  9. I know you are trying to help, but these are terribly written comments. You are using typical sales methods to make people think they are getting the truth. These are not the truth, some are based loosely on fact, others on pseudoscience and some on no facts at all.
    There are people who have a real problem with this, but all stuff about voice deepening, testosterone etc. is just not true and are non-issues.
    I wish all those with a porn addiction the very best in getting help by reading and putting into practice the things that work.
    Remain skeptical of all things that people tell you, even me.

    1. I never said that all of these were proven. Most of these are what people have written in about on many websites. Could they be making it up from placebo?…possibly, could it be true…possibly. Stop with your negativity, many of these benefits are indeed possible.

  10. This article is complete bs.

    -increased test after seven days? You forget to mention that that study states that the spike only lasts the one day. It drops after that. Plus only an imbecile would believe something like masturbating or looking at porn is going to have much of impact on test levels.

    -how many people spend three hours a day looking at porn? Very few. Plus I think you have it twisted. Most people who spend a lot of time on porn probably do so because there is not much going on in there lives. The same people who sit around watching hours of tv. You are not suggesting there is a magical effect from giving up tv though I’m guessing.

    -increased sex drive? You can expect the opposite actually. You are basically choosing to be a less sexual person, less connected with your own sexuality. Traditionally in many spiritual disciplines like yoga for instance they would practice something akin to Nofap. But the goal isnt to increase sex drive but get away from sexuality entirely.

    -ed? No evidence. But commonsense tells you if you never touch your dick, or engage with yourself sexually, you are more likely to have difficulties when you do try to engage sexually with a woman.

    -porn leads to looking at freakier and freakier stuff? Not being satisfied with normal anymore? This comes from the anti-porn people. Again no evidence.

    There are many men in the world who are confident, manly, driven, successful, whatever. And guess what, the majority of them masturbate.

    1. Listen buddy, I never said there weren’t normal and successful people who masturbated. All I told you were the possible benefits of quitting. Some guys will benefit from quitting pornography and others will not.

      -Increased Testosterone, yes of course, your testosterone levels rise in the body encouraging you to be sexually active. Test is the male sex horomone afterall

      -A lot of porn addicts spend 3 hours a day or more watching it. The average joe, maybe 30 mins-an hour.

      -Increased sex drive? Yes. Don’t you think people will be more hungry if they don’t eat?

      -Yes there is evidence of Erectile Dysfunction. Look through that website.

      -Looking at freakier stuff, common sense. It’s like a drug addict, they won’t use the same dose forever. They build a tolerance and take more. That doesn’t mean everyone watches worse things, but a lot of guys do.

      1. – Of course testosterone will rise? If you are going to write an article telling people stuff and expect them to listen to you “of course” ain’t good enough.

        – according to this article I read the average single man spends forty minutes three times a week looking at porn. Link A far cry from 3 hours.

        – increased sex drive? Again no evidence to back up your claim. Commonsense suggests to me that people with higher sex drives are more sexually active.

        You say that quitting porn/masturbation is good for some. But I ask, if there was actually something to this, wouldn’t it work for everyone? For example, any one who lifts weights will build muscle. Anyone who jogs improves their cardiovascular capacity. If there was any scientific basis to this (and you try to link it to science with your talk about testosterone and so on) wouldn’t it work for all?

        – here is a page of interesting links which are critical of some of the typical anti-porn, anti-masturbation ideas you are spouting:

        1. Like I said about the 3 hours, it is the porn addicts I’m talking about. And why wouldn’t you be more horny if you stopped masturbating? Your body will crave a release.

          You’re telling me you don’t get horny if you haven’t had sex or masturbated in a week?

          Why are you so opposed to an article like this listing the possible benefits of quitting porn? Some guys will experience these things and others may not. But the reality is that every man needs to make their own choices, for some the choice to quit porn will be one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. Many men’s lives have changed, you need to give it a shot if you’re so sure this isn’t possible.

          1. Your article is not titled “the benefits of quoting pornography for porn addicts”. The whole idea of “porn addiction” is very questionable anyway, as discussed in one of the articles I linked.

            Regardless, I have no problem with someone posting an article discussing what they have experienced after quitting porn or masturbation. Or speculating as to the causes of what they experience. My problem is with someone posting pseudoscience and baseless claims.

  11. I quit every vice I ever had. Drinking? Quit. Whoring? Quit. Porn? Quit. And you know what? I got the same promises every time. “You’ll lose weight.” “You’ll be happier.” “People will like you more.” “You’ll be more attractive to women.” “You’ll have more energy.” “You’ll have more time.” “You’ll be more productive.” “You’ll save money.” I’m telling you that’s all bullshit. I weighed 180 pounds when I took my last drink 3 years ago. Within 6 months, I gained 10 pounds. I’ve certainly not slimmed since then. I was never that hot to begin with, and cutting off my visits to brothels and fapsites didn’t change that. I didn’t suddenly get some game with women, nor di something about me suddenly change to make me desireable; I stayed as overlooked as ever. Sure, I’ve been having plenty of sex, but it’s been with a depressed, clingy fatty with more issues than I can shake a rifle at, and our tastes do not match. At least with porn I could spice up the menu and have a choice what I wanted to look at; Asian on Wednesday, skinny teen creampie on Friday afternoon, and then MILF blowjob compilation Saturday morning with a chaser of POV ebony later. Same with hookers. What I liked best was being able to get what I wanted when I wanted. Now, it’s always either doggy or missionary with a chick who only likes it very fast, which just doesn’t do it for me. Never any blowjobs, handjobs, or titjobs. Her ride me? Forget it. Lovemaking? What’s that — FASTER! Try some new position? In my dreams! Saving money? Bullshit; you’ll just find something else to waste your cash on; I did. Or else the universe guarantees new expenses just to drain your bank account. Energy? Productivity? Used to be I could get through the workday pleasantly daydreaming about what kind of drink I would first serve myself when I got home, or what I’d like to try at the bar, or what new cocktail I could invent, or what kind of porn I’d lose myself in, or reminiscing about the standout fuck some sweet little harlot had given me, or hungrily anticipating what kind of girl I’d have next and what we’d do together. Now, after quitting all that stuff, I’m consistently dour to the point where I work overtime just because at least it’s better than having to deal with the 300 pound bitchzilla at home. I used to be able to get through work with a smile on my face, because either I had come off something nice or I was anticipating some treat soon; sure, work can be a drag, but it’s not too bad when you’re mentally deciding what scotch to pour yourself a tumbler of later, or when you’re reminiscing about blowing your load in a gorgeous eastern European waif with soft titties, a tiny waist, and platinum blonde hair, or eagerly awaiting seeing the new porno staring your favorite ladies. I now work even slower, sometimes on purpose, just to stretch out my day and hours. The biggest lie of all is the one about happiness. After getting rid of an “addiction”, each and every time, I found myself dour and cranky. Didn’t matter what I did. Painting’s fun, but it just isn’t the gentle rocking of a few shots of vodka. Sex is still good even when it’s bad, but nobody can ever touch you quite like how you touch yourself. Monogamy and intimacy are fine, but getting to skip all the bullshit that occupies 99% of the time to just get to the fun parts with a girl who suits your current fancy just perfectly and fucks you just the way you want it, that can’t be beat. I’ve been really unusually smiley since this January. Why? Because I’ve been getting reacquainted with the bottle again. First time I had a drink in 3 years, I felt wonderful, relaxed, happy, unstressed. I smiled clean through the next 8 days. First working girl in 2 years? I swear I’d forgotten that feeling of arousal, of power, of vivaciousness, of masculinity. I didn’t even know I could fuck that hard, fast, or long, or that I could cum so hard that despite wearing a condom, all my previous orgasms suddenly seemed trite by comparison. Hadn’t felt like such a man in so long that I’d almost forgotten the rush of testosterone. First wank in a year? Return of a kind of feeling I’d sorely missed. If quitting my “addictions” or vices is a good thing, then leave me out of it. I have my vices. I’ll indulge them and I’m okay with that. For the first time in a long while, I feel happy and alive. I’m finally not always grouchy for the first time in years. For the longest time, I thought I was an alcoholic. Now I just realize that I was denying myself things which really took stress off me and brought a smile to my face. I feel like a man again. I even have found new life in my work and I enjoy my time at home now. I think I’ll even drop that fat pig I’ve been calling my woman for the past 4 years. Vice is fucking awesome. Get drunk, get laid, indulge yourself. You’ll feel better. Trust me.

    1. Hey man I never said anything about hookers, if that’s something you enjoy then by all means do so. Regardless, being an alcoholic is not a joke and if you really have a problem with drinking, only you know it. But if you’re like me and you enjoy a few drinks on the weekends then why not. As far as getting women go, have you ever thought that maybe your looks and confidence were the issues? Quitting porn by itself won’t make you some Casanova. Improve your looks and talk to more women if that’s still one of your goals.

  12. In response to Han Estly’s post:

    I have also quit all my vices- tho for me that doesn’t mean abstinence- but I have an internal compass that knows when my actions have dipped into compulsive behaviors.

    I am 36, and my vice-quit project has been going on about 6 months. I have realized thru the process that I kindof bastardized everything in my life, and it started at an early age.

    I have a great job; I’ve had great long term relationships; I’m a really good citizen; but I have always known tho that I needed to disappear from time to time to binge on something. Now that I have quit porn-along with gambling, drinking, binge eating, talking behind peoples’ backs, meaningless bar hookups, occasional smoking, anger fits, massive screen time binges, and general sloth-I am the freest soul I have ever been. What happens is you initially have to focus on the vice, like “OK i’m not going to look at porn tonight;” However, once the vice is replaced by a different activity, you truly never even think about the vice anymore. It sounds like it’s a lot of control, but it’s actually the opposite.

    I’m writing this because I want other guys to know that the 15 benefits listed above are 100% true, and that list is only the beginning. When you give up what makes you feel bad or causes you to question or trust yourself, the feelings of freedom are unparalleled.

    Right now I am working out and eating mostly healthy, playing a lot of guitar, enjoying tv and video games in moderation, learning to cook really well, calling old friends, fixing up my home (which I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into and it looks so nice) calling my parents, reading up on current events….it’s amazing. Being in control is AMAZING. It’s not just porn, but start there. I’m not preaching; I’m a guy that has jerked off to way too many facial compilations. And I recommend this as a place to start: if you aren’t already, start doing the dead lift. It’s random, but it works. Work your legs to complete exhaustion-you’ll never look back.

    Go get it!

  13. Your partner probably doesn’t understand your feelings and his or her porn use, or the impact it has on you, because he or she honestly believes that porn use is safe, that “everyone does it”, and that because it involves only words and pictures on a screen, it is not real infidelity. These assumptions are incorrect; pornography use is a form of cheating, it is not healthy, and it does have a real impact on people and relationships.

  14. Great article, porn is for fucking losers. Masturbation is probably healthy but not porn, I can’t see a very successful man doing that. Porn is pacification. It’s synthetic satisfaction of our most dominant need as men. It’s a fake, temporary satiation of our defining need as strictly biological organisms.

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