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5 Body Language Tips to Make People Like You More

For my second post on body language, I will give you these five quick tricks to make people like you more. Body language is absolutely vital for changing how people perceive you.

It sounds cheesy, but if you change your body language…you can change your life.  

1. Make eye contact

When you make eye contact with another person, you are creating an intimate connection with them. Have you ever heard the saying, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” There is a lot of truth behind that. 

When you look someone in the eye while speaking, it shows that you are paying attention to them. If you avoid eye contact, it shows that you are either too nervous to look at them, or you think you’re better than that person and don’t want to look at them.

Prolonged eye contact creates rapport between people and you feel like the person staring back at you actually cares about you.

It’s perfectly okay to break eye contact occasionally when you’re thinking about something because that’s normal. Looking to the left or right for a second and then looking back at them, can show that you are actually thinking about what the person is saying. Overall though, you should make eye contact much more often than you’re looking away. 

2. Smile and Laugh

happy people relaxing and talking in cafe

Remember to smile when you first meet them, it will make you look more interested in them as a person. I’m not telling you to grin at the person the whole time or laugh at every joke, but instead smile when you feel it’s necessary.

Someone with a serious expression on their face can be intimidating. But don’t laugh like a maniac, instead give the person a little chuckle if what they’re saying is funny. 

3. Give them a stronger handshake

Handshakes are more important for the business world and interviewing for a job. However, they are still important when meeting new people outside of work.

Your goal isn’t to break the other person’s hand, but instead to give them a firm handshake.

The reason I’m saying this is because a weak handshake actually communicates weakness. 

Some successful businessmen argue that handshakes are extremely important. They actually try to subconsciously dominate each other by seeing who gives a firmer handshake. 

4. Demonstrate an Open Body Language

In other words, your body needs to communicate, “I am receptive, open and listening to what you’re saying.”

Don’t fidget with your hands

Don’t cross your arms

Don’t put your hands in your pockets.

Don’t slouch your shoulders or look down.

Your body shouldn’t be closed off to the person you’re talking to. 

Open up your torso and point your chest and feet towards them. Relax your shoulders and look at the other person. Stand a little closer to them than you would an average person. That doesn’t mean you should crowd their personal space, but instead sit an inch or two closer. 

On a subconscious level this is communicating that you are interested in them and you’re understanding what they’re saying.

5. Give a few head nods

Head nods? Here is an example. 

head nod body language

The head nod shows that he understands what you’re saying.

Smaller nods with a smile is actually a bonding signal between people.

Don’t nod too fast, because slower nods show that you are listening and understanding what they’re saying. 

When the person is saying something interesting or trying to explain something to you, give them a few nods.

This nonverbal cue also translates to “What you’re saying is interesting, tell me more.” This makes the person open up to you and talk more than they usually would. 

These Body Language tricks will completely change how people react to you.

If you look like you’re interested in someone, they will feel more positive about you, that’s a fact. 

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  1. I’m not sure why but I had a feeling you had a new article up and you put one up today lol. Great post btw but I do have a question. Is a firm handshake good for meeting women?

    1. Yes, because a weak handshake communicates weakness and timidness. You shouldn’t give a woman as hard of a handshake as you would a businessman, but it should still be firm. Honestly, I believe some women probably find it attractive if a man has a firm handshake.

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