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8 Signs You Shouldn’t Date Her

When it comes to dating, most men really aren’t that picky. This is primarily because most guys don’t have a lot of dating options, so they settle for what they can get.

Some men end up marrying these women because they had no other romantic options. They ignored the red flags and were left heartbroken and wondering what they did wrong. 

I’ve had a lot of close friends who dated girls with some of these red flags. In every single case, the relationship ended in a bad way. 

1. She parties a lot

Sexy girls. Party in the car. Limousine.

Not every party girl sleeps around and drinks like a fish, but the majority of them do. That’s why women go out and party in the first place. They want to have fun, drink, and meet hot guys.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing, women can do what they want. But, you should never make a party girl, or former party girl into your girlfriend.

From what I’ve seen, these women are extremely unfaithful and jump to a new guy every week. Party girls that I’ve slept with are absolutely not worth dating (that’s why I didn’t date them).

They spread their legs for any good looking guy with a modicum of game, heck, even some unattractive guys sleep with these girls. This is mainly because they get drunk and frequent places where people go to hookup (bars and clubs).

It’s inevitable that a girl like this will cheat on you, even though she’ll try her hardest to convince you she wouldn’t. 

Pro tip: Don’t look for your future wife at a bar. 

2. She has a lot of male friends and very few female friends

Woman with guy friends

Every girl I’ve met that fits this description has slept a lot of men. They usually have hooked up with at least a few of those guy friends, if not all of them. 

Would you want your girlfriend to hang out with guys she has already hooked up with?

A girl I was sleeping with for sometime last year ended up getting a boyfriend. He was a nice guy, but she never told him she had been with me or two other guy friends. She never told him anything, even though this guy hung out with us a lot. They broke up after three months, I wonder if he found out what she was really like. She wasn’t a bad person at all; she was actually really cool, but definitely not worth dating. 

Don’t date girls that only have guys as their friends. It’s high unlikely that she hasn’t slept with any of them.

An even worse sign would be if she has no friends at all. She might not be very good with relationships and possibly treats other people poorly. If she can’t keep a friend, how could she have a healthy relationship? (the same thing goes for guys too).

3. She’s had sex with a lot of men

female body language of attraction how to tell if she likes you

This is fairly self explanatory. If you had the choice between dating a girl who has slept with 2 guys or 20 guys, which one would you choose?

The thing is, most women lie about how many partners they’ve had. Just like how guys say they’ve bedded more girls than they actually have, women say they’ve been with less men than they actually have. When a women tells you she’s slept with five guys in her life, that most likely means she’s been with 15-20. 

Women who have been around the block have experience with a lot of men, and know how easy it is to find another one. These women tend to view men as replaceable and don’t respect them as much.

Women with high partner counts are more likely to cheat on you, and prone to have less stable relationships and marriages.

4. She tries to control you with sex

woman saying no

Be wary of any woman that tries to manipulate you with sex. You shouldn’t be scheduling sex or only having it when she’s in a good mood. Good sex is spontaneous and fun, it’s not some chore.

Many married women reward their husbands with sex when they do certain things to benefit them. These manipulative women are conditioning their husbands or boyfriends to behave a certain way, and they will be rewarded with sex.

Or the opposite where the boyfriend does something to upset her, so she purposely tells him she won’t have sex with him. For example, she tells her husband no sex because he forgot to clean up around the house.

Believe it or not, this type of manipulation happens all the time. 

5. Your friends and family really don’t like her

angry girls

Now sometimes this isn’t always a red flag; some parents are very controlling and don’t want you to date certain women.

But if your close buddies are telling you this girl is trouble, or warning you about her. It’s time to rethink things.

Lets face it, love and lust can certainly blind people. If you really care about this girl, your emotions will prevent you from seeing what’s actually in front of you. Your friends and family can give you a different perspective on the type of person you’re dating.

I warned a really good friend of mine about a girl he was talking to; I told him she was not good for him and she would probably cheat. He didn’t like hearing this and dated her anyway. Not to my surprise, she cheated on him twice during the month they started seeing each other. 

6. She’s obsessed with social media and validation

Image of three pretty girls taking selfie at bar

A lot of girls growing up today are obsessed with social media. But not all of them.

I’ve met plenty of girls who rarely post on Instagram or Facebook, and girls who don’t even have a Twitter or Instagram account. These girls were more attractive to me because they weren’t constantly seeking male attention and validation through likes. This shows that the girl is more confident in herself, and she doesn’t feel the need to update everyone about her life. 

Who really wants to date a girl who is constantly taking selfies or texting people 24/7? I certainly don’t, and you shouldn’t either.

If you’re on a date with a girl who can’t put her phone down, that is a sign you shouldn’t go for a second date. 

7. Her closest female friends are promiscuous

flirting girl

Your closest friends in life are usually very similar to you. They may not be exactly like you, but most friends share some things in common. This is how they bond and how the friendship becomes stronger.

Women who have slutty friends are much more likely to sleep around too, this is common sense. They probably feel pressure to meet a guy because all of their friends are meeting guys. Their friends probably encourage her to talk to a guy, or even set her up with new guys.

If all of her friends are out at a bar hooking up with guys, where do you think she’ll be? 

8. She still talks to her ex boyfriend(s)

Portrait of young woman missing her ex-boyfriend

I don’t care if you two had something special once upon a time, you should never spend time with an ex.

Chances are you still have feelings for that person, and the only reason you’re talking to them is because you think there is still potential between you two.

Women talk to ex boyfriends for many reasons.

She might want to keep him as a backup plan in case her current relationship fails.

She might simply like the attention and validation she gets.

She might still be in love with him.

Whatever the case may be, your girlfriend shouldn’t be talking to her ex. Set the clear ground rules at the beginning that she can’t talk to her ex, and that you won’t talk to your ex girlfriends either.

Both of you should be focused on making your relationship work, not fixing old ones. 

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  1. Great article Ryan, just tweeted this. All the signs are very legitimate, and yet very important. Many girls are just social freaks, and staying a mile away from them can be the best decision (personal experience) 😉 Anyways, thanks for the article and keep up the great work!

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