-Founded in February 2015.

My name is Ryan Jackson, and this is The Former Fat Kid.

This website has a number of goals and the most important is to provide honest and real information to the readers out there.

I never liked reading something and never knowing for sure if what was written was true or not. With my blog you can trust me that my information is backed both by scientific evidence, and anecdotal experience.  Posts will not be limited to fitness and nutrition. There will certainly be lifestyle advice in future articles.

So lets get to the point.

I’m a former fat kid right?

I was overweight from the age of 4 years old. I started wearing T-shirts while swimming at the age of 6 because I was self-conscious of my man boobs. Which later developed into gynecomastia (gyno) during puberty. Luckily I got surgery at the age of 19.

I was overweight all the way until the age of 16 when I finally reached 248lbs at 6’1″. I was playing football at the time and of course I was an offensive lineman. I believe it was one day during a summer practice, struggling to do sprints, that I looked down at my stomach and told myself that this has to end here. I realized the thing I wanted more than anything was to lose weight. I was disgusted with myself and the only thing I wanted was to be skinny so I could finally get somewhere in life. I wanted to stop making excuses and feeling sorry for myself.

That summer I decided quit football, and instead prioritize fat loss and self-improvement. I lost 60lbs.

How did I do it? Well in short, I ate less. A lot less. (Calorie Deficit see How to Lose Weight)

Was I exercising like a maniac? No, I barely worked out more than 3 times a week. I would just eat 3 small meals a day and the weight dropped very quickly. When you are really overweight the weight will literally “melt off” given that you are in a calorie deficit.

When I got down to 200 lbs my weight loss slowed down, and that’s when I really started lifting and focusing on bodybuilding type training. I spent the next few years from 2011 to now constantly researching fitness and nutrition. Most people won’t even spend more than 30 minutes looking up health advice. I may not have a PHD, but I’ve changed my physique and looked for the best options. I spent hours daily for the past few years simply learning all I could. Now I’m here to provide this information to you for absolutely no cost.

I’m started this website because I enjoy teaching people things. I also have a tendency to enjoy proving so called “fitness experts” wrong. Let’s face it, all my time spent listening to experts out there I’ve realized that just because a guy has a six pack doesn’t mean he knows what he’s talking about. There’s nothing I despise more than a guy on steroids claiming he’s natural while giving people training and nutrition advice that simply is incorrect, and often not suitable for natural (drug free) lifters.

At the end of the day, I provide this information to help all of you reach your goals and dreams. You can contact me at ryanformerfatkid@gmail.com for any specific questions or feedback



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