How to Find Your Passion in Life

How to Find Your Passion in Life

How to Find Your Passion  Deep down, everyone wants to transform their life and be successful at whatever they do….

how to get better sleep

How to Get Better Sleep at Night

4 Tips for Better Sleep Feeling stressed out lately? Or simply exhausted? Maybe the solution is better sleep. The time you…

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Quitting Porn Can Change Your Life

A 17 year old kid left me an inspiring message this morning, “Hi Ryan, I read your page 15 benefits…

Quitting Porn and Masturbation

5 Tips to Quit Internet Porn

After I wrote 15 Benefits of Quitting Pornography, I received a lot of questions from people really wanting to quit but…

are video games a waste of time?

Are Video Games a Waste of Time?

I don’t normally write about video games but I received an email from a reader a few days ago. He is…

Can Self-Improvement make you more insecure?

Can Self-Improvement Make You Insecure?

Self-Improvement is the act of improving yourself in some fashion, overall making yourself better than you were the previous day.  Self-Improvement…

kratom mitragyna speciosa

Kratom: The Amazing Lifestyle Supplement

I had never heard of Kratom until late 2014, when I was reading a post on Chris from GLL, along with many…