Do Fat Burning Pills Work?

Many people want to lose weight but they don’t actually want to take the time to do it.

They look for any shortcut they can to speed up the weight loss.

I’ve been there and done that, and that mentality is not conducive for success. Those type of people diet for 2 weeks and quit because they only lost a few pounds. If they had kept on going they would’ve reached their goals. Fat burners are marketed to these people as an easy way to lose weight, and they couldn’t be more wrong.

Do fat burners help me lose more weight?

All of the legal fat burning supplements you can buy from say, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and other stores don’t really make much of a difference. To lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. These pills don’t increase your metabolism so obviously they won’t make you burn more calories by themselves.

The short answer is no, they really don’t make big difference. But, if you’re someone who needs extra energy and has the extra cash, then go for it.

Most fat burners are filled with stimulants to get you energized and burning calories throughout the day. But you still need to go out and exercise on your own regardless. Clearly sitting on a couch and popping a few fat burners won’t make a difference in your physique.

What does the science/data say on these pills?

There are hundreds of possible ingredients in fat burners but I can still safely say that none of them have conclusive data to support their purported claims. The ones that do usually have not been replicated in other studies, so what good is one study? There needs to be multiple trials done on them before they can be proven to the public.

One of the most bullshit fat burners out there is Garcinia Cambogia promoted by Doctor Oz himself. There was an article recently where someone investigated how many supplements Doctor Oz promoted that were actually true to their claims, and they found that the majority of them have been found to have no effect, or in other words, bullshit.

You say no legal fat burners work, what about the illegal fat burners?

There is a reason why some of these illegal fat burners are illegal. Most of them can be dangerous to your health and are more of a risk to take then they are worth. Most of them you can’t get without a prescription.

The most popular cutting drugs among athletes are Clenbuterol, T3 (Thyroid Hormone), Ephedrine, DNP, Amphetamines, and even Cocaine. Obviously anything used in moderation won’t bother you, but I can’t honestly recommend any of these except maybe Ephedrine because its the most safe out of them all.

I’ve have taken Clenbuterol, here is the review. But even Clen isn’t a miracle pill that will get you shredded, you still have to eat less and workout more.

The most dangerous of these is DNP (dinitrophenol), it works similar to Clen by increasing your body temperature, thereby increasing your metabolism to burn more calories. However, DNP is the harshest and most dangerous of these, and you could easily die by taking too much (and people have).

Like I said , if you plan on taking any of these I recommend Ephedrine because it is the safest, and it isn’t illegal in every country.  It is often safely used with caffeine and aspirin in what is called the ECA stack.

Which fat burner do I recommend?

Currently I recommend MTS Drop Factor it is a great product but only check it out if you have the money. You can get shredded without fat burners but Drop Factor can certainly help you. I thought it worked well in combination with Yohimbine Hcl (which is a pretty good supp). Everyday I took drop factor in combo with Yohimbine I lost weight (keep in mind I was at a calorie deficit).

Check it out below if interested



If a person wants something badly enough they will do anything they can to achieve that. If you decide to go the route of legal or illegal fat burners that is a choice that you should make wisely. Do some research on the compound you are thinking about taking, and read reviews of them.

Even Clenbuterol which many bodybuilders take won’t make a drastic difference. If you don’t have enough money for them, that’s okay because they won’t be a game changer anyway. A wise man once said, “My favorite fat burner is a calorie deficit.” 



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