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Do Women Really Like Muscular Men?

I got this question from one of my readers who essentially asked me, “Do women actually care about muscles? Should I start lifting?”

I could write about this topic for days but I’ll keep it to the point.

Yes. Women are Sexually Attracted to Muscular Men. 

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Some women try to tell you that muscular guys are arrogant and will cheat, but they never say a fit body is gross.

All heterosexual women are attracted to an athletic and masculine body. 

I will mention that having a great body is more important for casual hookups and sex, than it is for a relationship. 

Women looking for a boyfriend don’t care as much if you have abs, unless they are into fitness themselves. A nice body can definitely help, but even then I’ve seen some fitness girls with overweight and out of shape boyfriends. Women looking to hookup with a guy they just met at a bar or club, most certainly will be more interested in the “Hot Muscular Guy.”

However, being the “Hot Muscular Guy” will attract a lot more women than a skinny guy. A woman with developed breasts and a nice butt will get far more attention from men than a woman who isn’t developed. It’s normal and natural. 

It’s within female nature for women to be attracted to broad shoulders and muscles. 

So the real question is…

How Much Muscle?

Long story short, most women tend to prefer this physique over a typical bodybuilder. Women aren’t turned on by chubby guys, forget about the ridiculous “Dad Bod” article.

what body type do women like

The man in the picture obviously works out. The average man could reach this physique probably within 9-12 months of really lifting hard and eating right.

Here’s the issue:

You shouldn’t lift weights only to impress women, but a lot of people do it. And I talked about that in this post.

After you lift for a while you might be bigger and more muscular than the guy above. However, most women will not be grossed out by you even if your physique looks like the guy below. 

Bodybuilder Posing

If you work hard enough to look like this guy, there will be some women who will say you are “Too Muscular.” But if you reach a physique like this, you most likely have bodybuilding aspirations anyway and a woman’s opinion doesn’t matter. 

Either way, your muscles won’t be the only important factor in attracting women.

Truthfully, the way your face looks (aka how attractive your face is) is more much important.

On top of that, your confidence, social skills, the way you dress, and the way you carry yourself matter more than muscle.

If a skinny guy with a good looking face is confident and takes care of himself, he will generally be very successful with women. I’m not saying this to tell you that a nice body doesn’t matter or you should stop lifting.

What I’m saying is…

If your goal is to get laid, go out and start talking to women. Don’t get me wrong here, having a great body will definitely raise your overall attractiveness. But if you don’t do anything with it, it won’t matter.

In my post,  Low Self Esteem After Weight Loss, I pointed out,

The reality is that muscles don’t get you laid, your confidence and pursuit of it does. I wish I could go back in time and tell my young self exactly that.

What good would muscles be if you were socially awkward? You wouldn’t be able to even talk to girls, and even if you could you wouldn’t know what to say. Of course having a good body can help you appear more attractive but it won’t make women drool all over you. Like I always tell people, if you want to get better at talking to women, you need to talk to women. Who do you think will get laid more, the guy who spends all of his time in the gym/kitchen or the guy who goes out at night and talks to girls?

That being said, if a muscular guy works on himself, becomes confident, dresses well and has game, he will be very attractive to women.

He’d be more successful than the skinny guy.

But this confident muscular guy still has to put himself out there. Nobody can deny that women are naturally attracted to big men.

How many times have you heard women judge men on their height?

I’ve heard women say, “Short guys are gross” or more commonly, “I only date guys over 6 feet tall”

Women like bigger men. That is a fact.

I’m not saying you have to be 6’6″, 250 lbs of pure muscle. But being muscular will give you an advantage.

In My Experience

The more muscular I got, the more attention I got from women.

When I was fat as a teen, I got some but not much attention from women. My options were limited. When I started gaining muscle at 16-17 years old, I generally started to get more respect from people. Girls in my classes noticed me more, and guys would look up to me and ask me for workout and lifting advice. 

I never had sex until I lost weight. I was your typical overweight virgin who didn’t know what to do. 

After much frustration and failed dieting attempts, I worked my ass off in the gym and was no longer a fat kid. I became lean, muscular and tall. 

The night I lost my virginity was not only memorable for the fact that I just had sex, but because of how she responded to my body. Before she turned the lights off, I took my shirt off near the door. She smiled, and started grabbing my chest and upper arms, and said, Wow, you’re fucking sexy”

After that night my ego was through the roof.

I wasn’t lean or impressive for bodybuilding standards, but she absolutely loved it.

Women like muscular guys and this wasn’t the only woman who was turned on by my physique. Most of my encounters since then were also hookups.

Your looks matter a lot to women for casual encounters. 

To Wrap Things Up

If you achieve a great physique your confidence will also increase greatly.

A confident (not arrogant), muscular man is unquestionably attractive to women.

But this muscular man still needs to put himself out there.

Start approaching women or put yourself in an environment where women will come talk to you. 

A great physique can certainly pay dividends. 

Keep working on yourself and you will see great results. 

If you want more tips on becoming a more attractive guy:

Check out: (10 Tips to Become a Better Looking Man)


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  1. I 100% agree with you, if I wrote a post it would be similar to this haha. I think guys nowadays focus way too much on getting a good body instead of actually put themselves out there like you said.

    1. If your face actually looks bad you’d probably know it, unless you just have low self esteem. You might just be average looking.

      Regardless, I see guys all the time who aren’t exactly male models but they have beautiful girls around their arms. It’s really about actually going out there and actually making moves on these women. They generally won’t make the first move.

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