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How I Beat Anxiety with L-Theanine

As a kid, I never seemed like someone with anxiety. People around me had no idea how I really felt. Friends and classmates always told me how laid back I was, and how I didn’t talk much. Deep down I was actually anxious, so I didn’t talk a lot. 

In high school I didn’t have normal anxiety, I had a degree of social anxiety. I was only nervous in certain social situations like speaking in front of a large group of people, meeting new people and talking to girls.

Some people might say that’s normal, but I was more anxious about those things than the average person.

L-Theanine wasn’t what cured my social anxiety. Pushing myself outside of my comfort zone is what made me overcome any social anxiety I had years ago. And that’s truly My Number 1 Tip to all of you out there to beat social anxiety. 

But many years after high school, I still found myself nervous about little things. I would toss and turn at night thinking about something I had to do the next day or even the next week. I was anxious about little things that really didn’t make a difference in my life. 

One day I stumbled upon an article talking about the combination of L-Theanine and Caffeine. It praised their great synergistic cognitive enhancing effects. (aka: they work well together for studying)

I read that L-Theanine by itself, was great for becoming stress free and some people wrote that it cured their social anxiety. I quickly bought it on Amazon shortly after, and I’m truly glad I did.

What is L-Theanine?

L-Theanine is a non essential amino acid found in green tea. However, you can’t get a good enough dose of L-Theanine simply by drinking a lot of green tea. This is why you need a supplement form in order to feel its real benefits.

The recommended dose is 200 to 250 mg. (generally one pill). According to a few sources, it has no real side effects. L-Theanine has GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status by the FDA. Personally, I felt no negative effects. 

What are it’s Real Benefits?

Studies and personal accounts have shown us that L-Theanine reduces stress and has a strong relaxing effect on you, without causing drowsiness.

It also has an energizing effect that doesn’t keep you jittery like caffeine or other stimulants. Its energy is more of a calm focus, in a way it’s similar to some strains of Kratom I’ve tried.

Some people combine it with Caffeine when they need to focus and get studying done. If that’s something you’re interested in you can research the Caffeine and L-Theanine stack yourself. There is plenty of quality information out there about it. 

The First Time I Took L-Theanine:

The very first time I took it was on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, about 4-5 weeks ago (from writing this). 10-15 minutes later I was in the shower when its effects hit me. I had never felt more relaxed in my life.

When I first woke up I was worrying about work I had to do later, after L-Theanine hit me, I could care less about that work. It’s not like I didn’t want to get stuff done, I simply had an attitude of “I will get it done, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

All of my anxious thoughts disappeared. And this coming from someone who only got anxiety in the morning. 

An hour later when I was around other people, I noticed that I had less of a filter on my words. Just like alcohol makes most people more likely to speak their mind, L-Theanine was similar except I wasn’t slurring my words or intoxicated. I knew what I was saying but wasn’t worried specifically about how people would respond. 

Even though I didn’t have social anxiety anymore, I still experienced some uneasiness in certain situations like most people do. With L-Theanine I literally felt zero anxiety, and didn’t care too much about what people thought about me.

Instead of thinking about what I was going to say, I just said it without rehearsing it in my head. 

This is why I truly believe people with any type of social anxiety would massively benefit from L-Theanine.

I enjoyed the relaxing effect of L-Theanine the most of all. This why I took every single day for the next three weeks. Every morning I woke up and took 200mg. Sometimes when I felt its effects wearing off, I would take another 200mg around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. This was great for when I went out later to hang out with friends and talk to girls. I had no anxiety and spoke my mind.

I will admit though that alcohol does hit you a little bit faster if you take L-Theanine earlier in the day. So if you plan on drinking that night, be safe and plan ahead. I ended up puking after 6-7 drinks on a Friday night, when normally I would’ve barely been drunk because of my high tolerance. 

You can buy L-Theanine here from Amazon, 60 pills for 12$. This was the same one I bought, it comes in 200mg capsules. You can also buy one with 120 pills if you want, but I’d recommend trying out the other first in case you need to save a little money. 

I can only recommend the NOW Foods L-Theanine above, because it’s the only one I’ve tried. But I’m sure other brands out there are probably okay to take as well. 

To Wrap It Up:

After only 3-4 weeks of taking L-Theanine, I no longer needed to. The relaxed and calm state I was in, now carried over to my normal state, even after I stopped taking it. 

After socializing and meeting people using L-Theanine, I started to develop a greater natural confidence. This natural confidence is still there and honestly it’s stronger than ever.

I don’t need to take L-Theanine anymore for anxiety, but I know I’ll use it in the future if I ever am under a lot of stress.

With a lot of these supplements out there, you’ll never know if they really work until you try them, and I’m glad that I gave L-Theanine a shot.

Before L-Theanine, I tried Ashwagandha for anxiety, and it did work, but the effects were a little too overpowering for me.

On Ashwagandha, I was so relaxed I ended up sitting around, eating, and doing nothing all day. I didn’t have anxiety with Ashwagandha but it wasn’t for me personally.

And that is important for YOU. You need to try different supplements out before you find the perfect one for you personally.

For me, for beating my anxiety and stress, for building a greater natural confidence, L-Theanine was the solution.

Give it a go. 




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  1. Good article man. I’ve actually taken Theanine before so I had to leave a comment. For me it definitely lowered any anxious thoughts I was having but I’m not really an anxious person. I used it to help me get work done during the day, it works well with caffeine so you should try that and maybe write about it. thanks.

    1. I’ll admit that it’s decent for getting busy work done but I personally didn’t use it as a study aid. I did actually try the combo of L-Theanine and a big cup of coffee, and it felt kind of strange, but everybody’s different so I’m glad it worked for you.

  2. Hey I just bought this from the link and can’t wait to try it out I’ve struggled with anxiety for years. How long did it take to ship to your house?


  3. I bought it, and cant wait to receive and I hope I will se the result, if result with be the same as alcohol will give, definitely I will be happy.

      1. I received on 30 Nov, today It is second day, I can say I’m more relaxed, I can see the changes, Im taking on empty stomach, I will keep updating you.

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