How to Find Your Passion in Life

How to Find Your Passion in Life

How to Find Your Passion 

Deep down, everyone wants to transform their life and be successful at whatever they do.

One of the keys to being happy is to do something that you truly have a passion for.

Life will be easier and more interesting if you’re working on something you like to do.

Chances are, you will also be more successful because you are actually enjoying the work you’re doing.

You should consider it a responsibility to follow your passion. There are no shortcuts to success, but following your passion will help you be a lot happier in your life.

I’m not suggesting by any means that following your passion will make you a lot of money. For the average person it won’t. However, some of you will succeed and make a good amount of money on the way; it really depends on what your dream is.

Within reason, you should be following your interests regardless of how much money you think you’ll make. Money is definitely important and will make you happier to an extent, but it absolutely isn’t the only thing that will make you happy. 

You’ll be a lot happier working towards your passion than working some 9-5 job for the rest of your life. 

Here are some of the ways to figure out your passion. Chances are, you already have an idea in mind. 

1. Slow down

Slow down your thoughts and listen to your inner voice. Spend time alone and try to analyze yourself.

Do meditation or yoga or whatever it takes to make you calm. Think about your own happiness and your goals; try to plan your future following what you love.

Long car rides or flights always made me think deeply about my life. That’s one reason why I always enjoyed them.

I could think about what I really wanted to do, and the goals I wanted to reach. There were no other people or outside distractions influencing my thoughts.

Slow down and think about what you really desire for your life. 

2. Own your uniqueness

Every single one of you is unique and we all approach our lives differently.

Find that one thing which separates you from other people and accept it.

Consider yourself unique if you actually follow your dreams. Most people don’t do that.

The average person listens to their friends or parents and believes that it’s not possible for them to follow their own dreams.

But ask yourself, what do they know? Did they pursue their passion to the fullest extent? I highly doubt it. 

3. Believe in yourself

Following your dreams won’t be easy if you don’t believe you can actually do it.

There might be always be a little bit of doubt, but you know that if you do the right things you will get there. 

We have to cultivate confidence in whatever we are trying to do, without confidence you will struggle and might actually give up on your passion.

Believe in YOU, whoever YOU are, have faith in your hard work and talent.

Do you think professional athletes or famous musicians would be where they are today if they didn’t believe in what they could accomplish?

Believe in yourself and plan your future with your own rules.

Tell yourself that you can do it. You can change your thoughts to be positive and truly shape yourself into a winner. 

4. Don’t be afraid

Fear and anxiety is what most people feel before they change or do something new with their lives.

The fear of failure is primarily caused by not having confidence in ourselves. We are scared to follow our passion and fear that we could fail. But fear is normal and it will pass. 

Overtime, you will slowly build confidence because you are actually overcoming your fears. 

It’s normal to fail sometimes, but you will come back stronger again.

With each struggle, you will get even closer to achieving what you thought wasn’t possible.

Before I lost weight, I was scared that I couldn’t do it. I thought I’d probably fail and end up even fatter than when I started. But once I started to see results, my thoughts and perception of myself changed.

I finally realized that I could do it if I actually was consistent, and worked hard enough. 

A Final Note:

Your age is also a big factor.

If you’re in your 20s or under the age of 21, the chances are you really don’t know what you want to do with your life.

And that’s okay. In fact, it’s normal. 

Don’t rush this and it will come to you in time.

It takes most people years to really figure out which direction they want to travel. 

Slow down.

Think about what you want.

Let fear pass you by.

Believe that there is a tangible path for you in life. 

Good luck.

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