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How to Increase Your Penis Size (Bathmate Review)

Penis size isn’t something people talk about in everyday conversation. You might even feel strange reading an article about how to increase your size. When I first read about this stuff I thought it wasn’t possible to grow, but I was wrong.

Most people keep their size to themselves, or they lie and say they are bigger than they actually are. I’m sure you’ve seen a guy who claimed he was 7 inches, but later on a girl told you he was actually small.

Here’s something to think about, the average penis size is about 5.3 inches. According to data, if you are 7 inches or larger in length, you are in the Top 5 percent of males in the United States.

This means only 5 out of 100 guys have 7 inches or greater. If it’s something you care about, then there are ways to reach the top 5% and I will tell you all about them below.

If you think I’m insecure or shallow for talking about this, maybe this isn’t the right article for you.

But keep in mind, women do care about penis size. According to a study, 61% of women said they have dumped a guy or refused to have sex with him because he was to small. 81% of women responded by saying they prefer an average looking man with a large penis over a good looking guy with an average penis. The chart is below. 

penis size women

How do you increase your size?

There are a few ways you can increase your size, but there is nothing wrong with being average. However, some people like myself, wanted more than that.

The main way that people increase their size is through manual exercises or any enhancement devices they purchase. Either way you’ll get results, but generally the devices work faster and are convenient.

Some people do Jelqing, which is essentially stretching and forcing blood into the penis. I’ve done jelqing in the past for about a month, and didn’t see results. With any manual exercise like jelqing, it really does take a long time to grow and progress. 

Jelqing can be very time consuming and takes much longer to see results, this is why I recommend buying a device instead. But if you’re interested in learning more about Jelqing, do some research on it. After I stopped jelqing, I purchased a Bathmate Hydropump in late 2014. Believe it or not, I finally reached 7 inches along with girth gains too. (I’ll get to that next)

Anyway, there are other stretching devices that work too and are more expensive than the Bathmate. With some of them you have to wear them on your penis for hours, which isn’t ideal or remotely comfortable. I won’t lie to you, those devices can work too, but they can cost up to 400$. You really have to weigh the cost. 

How did the Bathmate work for me?

I started out a little over 6 inches in length, and maybe 5.2 inches in girth. So I guess I was above average to begin with but I still wanted more.

Most people aren’t content with just being slightly above average so I decided to change that. And after only 5 months of using it, I reached the big leagues (7 inches).

I read so many good reviews about it, and I decided to try it for myself. I personally used the Bathmate Hydropump X30 for my original size. Most of you should use the X30 if you’re anywhere from 5-6 inches. They have a size chart on their website to figure out which one you need to use for the best results. If you are already big you will probably be using the X40 or Goliath. If you are small or average, you’ll need the Hercules model or X30.

How does it work?

The Bathmate is a water pump that you use in the shower or bath. You fill the device with warm water and then place it on your penis. You then pump it towards your body and some water leaves the chamber, this creates pressure and forces your penis to expand (larger than your normal erections).

If you go into the bathmate with a full erection, you will take it off to see you’re bigger than you’ve ever been. These gains are temporary but overtime they become permanent with consistent use. I used the Bathmate every other day for 10 minutes in the shower. Nowadays, I only use it once or twice a week to maintain my progress. 

Most guys come out of the bathmate with an entire inch increase in girth, and a slight increase in length. I thought I would mainly grow in girth, but I grew more in length.

You get immediate results, which later become permanent results with consistent use overtime. The thing I love about it is that it’s easy to maintain compared to other penis enhancement methods.

Is it safe to use?


Remember that beginners are not supposed to use the device too much. If you are new to penis enhancement you really don’t need to anyway. Your penis will not be accustomed to any type of training and you need to find a good beginner’s bathmate routine.

As a beginner, you shouldn’t enter the bathmate with a full erection. You have to start out flaccid because it really does fatigue your penile tissue. For the first 20-30 days, enter the Bathmate while flaccid or with a slight erection for 5-10 minutes. Just like lifting weights, you will experience beginner gains. This means in the first 6 months you use the bathmate you will see amazing progress.

Just like anything you can overuse the bathmate. You are not supposed to use it for longer than 30 minutes at a time, and definitely not more than once a day. I’ve gotten great results from 3-4 days a week and you should too.

Where can I buy it?

I only recommend buying it from the actual bathmate manufacturer.

This is so you don’t get ripped off, and so you don’t get a fake device. 

You can buy it here: (Official Bathmate Direct Link)

Truthfully, I didn’t know if the bathmate would work, but it did. It works and I personally can guarantee it.

But only invest in it if you have the money. They also have a 60 day trial guarantee, if you don’t like the product for any reason so you can send it back to get a full refund.

If your size is something that concerns you, then do something about it.

Other benefits I’ve experienced

Other than the size gains, I experienced other great things from using my Hydropump.

1. Increased erection quality. When I get an erection now it is legitimately “rock hard”. Before I only got these erections if I was with a girl about to hook up. Now I get them whenever I’m slightly turned on. Some people might think of popping random boners as a negative but I certainly don’t.

2. Goes along with the first, and that is increased sex drive. I don’t know if I can truly attribute this to the bathmate but there are no other variables or supplements I take that could be doing this. My sex drive is higher than its ever been and that says a lot. You’d think your teenage years would be the high point but now its my 20’s.

3. Increased confidence. I’m sure you would be more confident too if you walked around knowing you were packing. Being in the big leagues is as good as it sounds, and I have almost no performance anxiety now when it comes to sex. If you’re worried a women will think you’re small, then do something about it. The bathmate will certainly boost your ego.

It’s also nice walking into a gas station and grabbing a pack of magnums. 

If you have any questions about using the Bathmate, email me at, I’ll be glad to help. 


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  1. Wow I didnt know you used a bahmate lol. I bought one last year and i’ve gain some size too. I bought the hercules model though instead of the x30.

  2. Hi Former Fat Kid, I’m just checking in a month after I bought the Bathmate and I have to thank you. I did not think it would work and I’m already seeing some growth. I might be using it a little too much but I’m already an inch bigger in girth after I pump. But little length difference so far. Anyway I’m still happy and thanks a lot. I probably should’ve gotten a bigger bathmate haha.

  3. Hi Ryan,

    So I just bought an Bathmate Extreme Hydropump X30 2 weeks ago, i think thats the right name and you said I shouldnt enter with an erection? I started using a full erection the second week and Im already seeing a difference in girth. This fucking works lmao. Thank you for writing this. Is it bad that im using a full erection this early on? T

    Thanks again,

      1. Thank you i’m really happy with my purchase so far. Btw, i was reading that the Penomet is a good pump too is it better than the bathmate?

  4. Hi Ryan,

    I am a 55 old man. Is Bathmate useful for me? Other things, Bathmate is okay for teenager with burried penis? Thanks for your reply.

  5. Good Article!

    I just purchased the Bathmate X30 and I was curious of the specific results you gained overtime in length and girth. How much did you increase after using it for an extended time?

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