how to lose face fat

How To Lose Face Fat

A lot of people out there want the answer to this question. I didn’t plan on writing a post about this but I got an email yesterday. Here is what he wrote,

Hi Ryan, I am a huge fan of your blog. I read your post about becoming better looking and how losing face fat makes a big difference. I currently have really chubby cheeks and I want to get rid of them. How can I get rid of face fat? 

He was referring to this post, where I talked about how losing fat can make you much better looking. After he wrote this email, I responded and asked him if he was overweight, not just in his face. He said he weighs in at 264 pounds. It’s not surprising that someone who is overweight also has chubby cheeks. 

When I was overweight in high school, my face was a little chubby but not as bad as some.

After I lost about 20-30 lbs my face looked a lot different. When I worked even harder and lost another 20, I could finally see my defined face with a visible jawline and cheekbones . 

There are two solutions to getting rid of chubby cheeks. You either go under the knife and get the fat removed by a plastic surgeon, or you go the healthy route of actually losing weight. 

Sadly, there are no facial exercises that will remove fat from your face. If anything, training your facial muscles will cause them to grow and make your face look slightly larger. 

To lose fat from your face, you need to lose weight overall. 

You can’t spot reduce with fat loss. Everyone loses and distributes fat in different areas on their body. Some people store a lot of fat in their legs, while guys like me store most of it around my stomach and chest. 

I didn’t get a leaner face until I was around 20 percent body fat. Surprisingly, most people have a chubbier face when they are at that body fat percentage. Genetically, I have a leaner face at a higher bodyfat.

This is because everyone is different, you might be like me and lose facial fat quickly once the pounds start coming off. Or you might be the person that has to lose 50 pounds before they see a huge improvement.  

Bottomline, you need to lose weight to get rid of facial fat. 

If you’re someone who is skinny but has chubby cheeks, it is usually due to your genetics.

However, women on average are supposed to have a rounder face with chubbier cheeks compared to men. This is because a rounded face is a sign of high estrogen. So if you’re a woman, you shouldn’t worry as much about chubbier cheeks because they look a lot worse on men. 

But if you’re a teenage guy with chubby cheeks, you might just need to be patient and start lifting weights. Weight lifting might make your facial muscles grow slightly and give you the appear of a more masculine face. Overtime your face will mature and likely look a lot better.

Some guys have to mature enough to actually see their facial features. With some fat loss these facial features will look a lot better. 

For most of you though, you might just need get even leaner to get rid of chubby cheeks. 


There are two things in combination with fat loss, that you can do to make your face look a little sharper if it’s something that really bothers you. 

1. Eat less sodium. That’s right eat less salty foods. If you eat too much salt your face will generally hold more water. My face looks chubbier the next day after eating a really salty dinner. 

2. Take a natural diuretic to remove some water from your body. I don’t recommend this for everyone. but you can take something natural like Dandelion Root and it will flush some water out of your system. In turn, it can make your face look a little leaner. 

If all else fails and you still have chubby cheeks even though you have visible 6 pack abs, you might even consider getting your buccal fat pads removed. I’m not recommending that, but if it was something that really bothered me, I might consider it. Either way, try losing weight first before you consider anything else. 

Good luck on your fat loss journey.



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