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Kratom Part 2: Answering Questions

This is Part 2 of my Kratom post, this post answers more specific questions about it. 

Can Kratom Help Depression?

Yes it can. I’ve read a few reports from people saying it really lifts their mood, and even some people who said it “Cured” their depression. I personally have never felt depressed after taking Kratom.

How Does Kratom Help Anxiety? 

If you have a lot of anxiety Kratom can be a solution. Whether it’s social anxiety or general anxiety, it makes you feel more at ease. As I said in the first post, Kratom is great for going out and socializing.

Can You Go to The Gym on Kratom?

Absolutely. I’ve actually had some of my best workouts after taking some Kratom. A few days ago actually, I took some Pleasant Green Hippo and trained Back and Biceps. I felt a lot more focused and actually lifted heavier than usual. I did five 45 lbs plates on a heavy row machine instead of my usual three plates.

Can I Take Kratom Everyday? 

You can but you need to Rotate your Strains. You can’t take the same kind everyday or your tolerance will build up. I’d recommend 5-8 different kinds of Kratom. If you’re someone who is interested in taking Kratom everyday I would recommend trying out a few different kinds before you go that route. It is completely safe and a lot of guys live a healthy Kratom Lifestyle.

How Do I Drink It, Does it Taste Bad?

You put the Kratom powder in anything you want and drink it. Some people don’t like the taste but I don’t see why. It doesn’t taste bad but it’s not supposed to taste great. Kratom isn’t designed to taste good but the flavor of the Kratom leaves have actually grown on me. You can make Kratom tea or put Kratom in your morning coffee like me. Sometimes I put a few grams of Kratom in my Powerade/Gatorade and it tastes fine.

How Does Kratom Compare to Alcohol and other Drugs?

Kratom isn’t supposed to be used for getting high. And quite frankly I’ve never gotten that type of feeling from it. However, it does lower your inhibitions like alcohol, making it easier to talk to people and be your natural self. If you’re naturally shy or introverted, Kratom can be a game changer for you. Imagine how you feel when you have a good day, that’s how Kratom feels. 

Is Kratom Good for Studying and Getting Work Done?

A lot of guys have said that Kratom is great for doing busy work. Since you’re in a good mood from the Kratom, small things like cleaning your house or getting some work done are a lot easier to do. I personally only took Kratom once to write a paper for an English class and it made time go by a lot faster. Even though it took me 2 hours to write the paper, it felt like 45 minutes because I was actually enjoying it. I’ve never tried studying for a test with it, but I’m sure you’d be fine if you wanted to try.

Are There Non-Responders to Kratom?

Yes, a very small portion of the population will not feel the effects of Kratom. But every 9 out of 10 people reading this article don’t have to worry about that.

Does Kratom Make Sex Better?

I’ve only gotten laid one time while after taking Kratom but I also had a few drinks. I was feeling great but I can’t attribute that completely to the Kratom. I lasted for an hour and gave up because I couldn’t orgasm, but that could’ve been due to a number of things. For some people you will last longer and sex might even feel better.

How Do You Find the Right Dose for You?

This is referred to as “The Sweet Spot”. A beginner should take 2 grams of Kratom on an empty stomach. You should most likely feel something. If not, wait an hour and then take another gram. If you still don’t feel anything, I’d recommend waiting until the next day to take more. So the next day you wake up and this time take 3 grams on a empty stomach. I doubt you won’t feel anything but if you still don’t you have to keep increasing the dose. But honestly a beginner shouldn’t need to go over 4 grams to feel it working. If you straight up go for 4 grams you might end up with some nausea ( feeling sick to your stomach).

Once you find your Sweet Spot where you feel the effects of the Kratom. That is the dose you should stick to every time you dose.

How Do I Find the Best Strain for Me?

It really depends on what you want out of your Kratom use. You’ll have to try a few different kinds, and that’s why I recommend the Newbie Kratom Starter Pack from Happy Hippo. It actually includes my favorite strain Happy Hippo 1.

You’ll need a trial and error period, where you try a few different strains and see how you respond. Some will be great for socializing while others are great for productivity. Some will be great for beating depression and others will kill your anxiety.

Best Place To Buy Kratom?

Once again, I can only recommend buying from Happy Hippo Herbals. They have the best quality Kratom out there and I’ve used it myself. I can’t, and won’t recommend something to you that I haven’t tried.

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If you have anymore questions on Kratom, I’d be glad to answer them ASAP, visit my Contact page. Or just email me at


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