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  1. Hi Ryan,

    I stumbled across your site when searching on google “Why do I only match with fat chicks on tinder” and I have to say this is the best site I have ever read! I am really really grateful for you taking the time to write the content you do.

    The article “Why you’re still single in 2016” spoke volumes to me. Most of the points referred to me. Especially the one “You rely on online dating to form relationships”. I basically solely rely on tinder to meet new girls, and as you said in another article, tinder is so complex. I’ve seen below average looking girls get 30/40 messages. Even when a girl messages me first and she’s ‘unattractive’ I still can’t imagine how many matches/messages she gets, especially if most guys swipe right to everyone like I do(then delete the ones I don’t like).

    Anyway I consider myself a fairly good looking guy, I actually do modelling, but none of that matters. I’m not successful with women as I rely on online dating. I’ve started to go out to nightclubs more, but it isn’t always easy to meet girls at nightclubs (too noisy/too dark, more guys than girls etc) I need to put myself out there more, but I’m not sure how. I start university in September and I’m hoping I can meet more girls. The problem is my friends also have the same problems as me, they are single and rely on tinder as well.

    What can I/should I do?

    1. Talk to more people, not just women. This way you are consistently meeting more women and opening up social opportunities for yourself. Most guys get laid through social circles anyway.

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