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Is Marijuana Bad for Building Muscle?

Years ago, the debate was about whether marijuana was good for you or bad for you.

We now know for a fact, that marijuana is used medicinally, and it’s completely harmless.

People don’t get cancer from it, and it doesn’t make them crazy.The truth that marijuana is safe, is now known throughout the world.

People usually start young. Most high schools in the United States have students smoke.

The fact is, a lot of people (adult or teenager), smoke marijuana recreationally.

Can Athletes and Bodybuilders Smoke Weed?

Of course they can smoke if they like too, but it isn’t beneficial for everyone. Some athletes use it for pain relief after exhausting practices and training sessions. 

Some people say, “I can’t have just one beer, I drink until I’m fucking drunk.” Some guys have the same mentality with marijuana, and end up smoking until they pass out.

I’ve had friends who smoked so much that they often blew their entire weekly paycheck on weed. I was never friends with these type of guys for long, and their bodies represented what their lifestyle was about. They were lazy, unkempt, and skinnyfat, they had no desire to hit the gym, ever. Their idea of having fun was to smoke out of their 500$ bongs and watch Netflix. It seems they had no desire for self-improvement at all. Not everyone who smokes weed often is like that, but a decent amount of people are.

Smoking in some ways, can impact your progress in the gym.

Marijuana and the chemicals within it, do not directly affect the rate you build muscle or lose fat.

However, Marijuana is generally better for someone Bulking (gaining weight), than it is for Cutting (losing weight). 

If you smoked in the past, it should be pretty obvious why that is.

Marijuana makes you hungry, aka, you get the “Munchies.”

In order to Build Muscle, you need to Lift Weights, Eat at a Calorie Surplus, Stay Consistent and Progress Overtime.

Getting high isn’t a great idea before a workout, but it can be okay after a workout.

For some people it can give them an appetite boost so they can get all their calories in. If you’re someone who struggles to gain weight and eat enough, trust me when I say you’ll have no problem gaining weight this way.

The problem is that more often than not, you’ll end up eating junk food and forgetting to track your calories and macronutrients.

Clearly in science, marijuana has shown to have no effect on building muscle by itself. But the appetite increase can be good for some people who struggle eating enough.

I stay away from marijuana when I’m serious about my goals because it puts me in a different state of mind. I would lose sight of my goals, and forget about my problems in life. Instead, I would only think about the short term. I had absolutely no interest in hitting the gym if I smoked.

The reality is that marijuana affects everyone differently. Personally, it makes me unmotivated and lazy. For some, they feel inspired and motivated. You need to figure out how it affects you and whether it’s something you want to remain in your life.

Smoking Weed is a Terrible Idea for Cutting/Weight Loss. 

This is common sense for the majority of you reading this…

Smoking Marijuana makes you hungry and high.

When you’re hungry and high, you go off of your diet. 

And it will hold you back if you have serious goals to reach.

A few years back, I was trying to lose fat myself. I would diet during the week and hit the gym hard. But on the weekends I would spark up. This resulted in me eating fast food and pizza instead of sticking to my diet.

I might have lost a pound or two during the week, but once the weekend was over, I’d be back where I started.

Stay away from mary jane if you’re trying to lose fat.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I don’t smoke anymore.

I might smoke at a party or social gathering maybe once every few months. I never smoke by myself.

The bottom line is that it really comes down to self control.

Some of you can smoke and not rush straight into the kitchen.

Some of you can smoke and not lose focus.

Some of you can smoke a lot and still reach your goals in life. 

You’ve got to figure out how it affects you on a personal level.

Then you can decide whether to eliminate it from your life.

Getting high negatively impacted what I wanted to accomplish, so I cut it out of my life. 

Since then, I’ve been able to think a lot more clearly, and I hardly ever cheat on my diet.

On top of that, I was pretty terrible at flirting with women when I was high.

Drinking on the other hand, makes me Cassanova. 

If you’d like to know how drinking alcohol affects your fitness, check out Alcohol: Bulking vs. Cutting.

Marijuana isn’t bad in moderation, but if you smoke a lot don’t lose sight of your goals.

Good luck.

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  1. Thanks for making this because I haven’t seen anyone yet talking about smoking and fitness.

    So when I was younger I burned a lot, and I can relate to that guy you were talking about with a 500$ bong. My parents eventually found out I was blowing tons of my money and some of their money on weed. So even though I didn’t want to, I ended up quitting. And truthfully it has been a positive change in my life. I save much more money and I’m in so much better shape. Not all of my success is from quitting weed of course but it got the ball rolling, at least for me. Do you think there are better things you can use to get a strong appetite other than weed?


    1. There are definitely other options for increasing appetite. One of them of course, is to exercise more to stimulate your appetite. Say you Lift 5 days a week and workout pretty hard, you should definitely be hungry pretty often. If not, remember that it’s really about calories and you could eat higher calorie foods instead of eating a bunch of low calorie options.

      I don’t normally recommend weight gainers but you could try this one a Mass Gainer by MTS Nutrition. It has 296 calories for 2 scoops, so I’d take 4 instead after every workout and eat food with it for extra calories.

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