My Top 5 Pre-Workout Supplements

I used to be someone who was against taking pre workouts. I thought that you should be able to train on your own, without help.

Soon enough, I realized that taking a pre workout can really enhance your workouts. You can workout harder and longer, while lifting heavier than you normally would have. This will translate to more calories burned and increases in strength.

If you workout longer you burn more calories so overtime you will lose weight faster.

If you lift heavy and get more reps than you normally would, you will make strength increases, which lead to muscle hypertrophy. You will also feel an increase in motivation from taking some of these products.

The only people I’d say that shouldn’t take PWOs are young teens that already have enough energy, who would probably do something stupid like taking 10 scoops of C4. And guys older than 50 who might not be able to handle the strong stimulant effects of some PWOs.

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5. ON Gold Standard Pre Workout

gold standard

This PWO is somewhat new, and I actually picked some up recently. I would describe it as a “clean energy” that will help you focus on your workout. It isn’t too stimulating which is good, I don’t like my heart rate to be through the roof. If you’re looking for something that gets the job done but doesn’t make you jittery, this is the PWO you should buy. As always, ON (Optimum Nutrition) is the most well respected supplement company out there, so you can trust what is in their products. You can almost never go wrong with ON, thats why I also buy my protein from them too.

4. C4 Extreme

c4 extreme

C4 Extreme by Cellucor has been around for a while. Many people swear by C4 and literally take it before every workout. The reason C4 is so popular is because everybody who takes it can really notice it. Some people have really high tolerances to stimulants so they can’t feel other PWOs, but C4 is so strong that it overpowers everyone. I rank it number 4 because I don’t like how strong it can feel at times. The stimulant effect is almost too much for some people. If I was trying to break a personal record (PR), this would be the supplement I use. Start off with only one scoop or 1/2 a scoop to be safe.

3. ON Platinum Pre

platinum pre

Yes, the second Optimum Nutrition product on this list. I tried this PWO before Gold Standard was released. I would personally describe Platinum Pre as a stronger version of Gold Standard. As described by ON “it is a MORE INTENSE ENERGY + FOCUS + ENDURANCE+ THERMOGENIC SUPPORT.” I really liked it because the stimulant effect was not as overpowering as something like C4. Also it contains more Beta-Alanine so you might experience a tingling feeling in your body, which is a common side effect of beta alanine. Go for this PWO if you desire quality ingredients with a decent push in the gym. Its a step up in energy from #5 on my list.

2. Gaspari Superpump 3.0

super pump gaspari

Gaspari Nutrition has had SuperPump PWOs on the market for years. I used to take their SuperPump Max a few years ago and I was a huge fan. To be honest, I like a PWO that gives a great pump (greater blood flow to muscles). Every time I would train arms I would take SuperPump Max and have a ridiculous pump.  Some people might not care about that, but I certainly see it as a benefit, especially when your triceps look like they doubled in size. Gaspari’s PWOs also have a good energy kick, they aren’t too crazy in stimulants but if you want something a little stronger you could just take an extra scoop. It also contains Creatine which is a plus if you’re a fan of it.

1. MusclePharm (MP) Assault

MP Assault

MP Assault is my personal favorite PWO. I love MP’s products so much that I actually wanted to become an affiliate but I couldn’t find any info on it so I guess they’re getting free publicity. Some people have taken Assault and not really noticed much and this is because it is not super high in stimulants. It gives me a great pump with pretty good energy, and I experience no crash after for some reason. The thing about Assault for me is that is gave me the most motivation. I used this a lot back in high school and I still use it occasionally today. I remember the summer before my junior year, I would walk to the gym with a tub of assault everyday. I must mention it tastes really good too and it comes in Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemon Lime, Raspberry Lemonade, and Watermelon. All I can suggest is giving this PWO a chance before you move on to the more stimulating ones.

Thats the list ladies & gentlemen. There are a few products on the market that I haven’t tried yet; One of them is PreOG by Physiques of Greatness. I’m a big fan of Chris Jones and Vince Garza (their youtube channel), so I have to give their supplement a shot soon. I’ve heard great things so far, click the image link below if interested.



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