What are women attracted to?

The 10 Biggest Myths About Attracting Women

The 10 Biggest Myths About Attracting Women

These myths need no introduction.

Some of you will be nodding your head in agreement when you scroll through this list.

Others will have their eyes finally open to the truth.

1. You need to be nice to women

This is the biggest load of crap you hear from everyone in the mainstream. You don’t have treat someone extra special because they were born with a vagina. In fact, you should know by now that women are attracted to “jerks” but they hardly ever admit it. Guys who are labeled “assholes and jerks” get laid far more often than self proclaimed nice guys.

Here is the reality, women do like nice guys, but they aren’t aroused by them. Women look at you as meal ticket who they can manipulate if you’re too nice to them. Jerks are seen as a challenge who women are naturally attracted to. Today’s women are so used to be given what they want and being treated like princesses. When a guy comes along who doesn’t treat them like a princess, they instantly become interested.

In my teen years, I was nice to women and I only got laid in one relationship (2 months into it). In college, I started becoming a little bit of an asshole by a woman’s standard. 

And guess what happened? I slept with 6 different girls my second semester, 3 of which were in my social circle who couldn’t get enough of my cocky attitude. My game wasn’t that great at the time, but I realized that women actually enjoy sleeping with jerks, assholes and douchebags. They couldn’t get enough. 

When a woman calls you as asshole, she means “A guy that won’t put up with my shit and it’s kind of turning me on.”

Keep in mind, I’m not telling you to be a jerk all the time because you can end up with an unhealthy relationship. But it’s better to be a little more of a jerk than it is a complete nice guy. 

2. You need to be rich

Yes, we all know women like guys with money. More importantly they are attracted to men who have a stable income who can provide for them. If that income is large, dollar signs light up in their eyes.

But you don’t have to be rich to get laid or even to get a girlfriend. There are plenty of rich men who never get laid because they’re only asset is money. These rich guys usually aren’t good looking and have little to no game. Women look at rich men as Providers, not men who they want to fuck.

Women will sleep with a broke guitarist as long as he’s attractive enough and doesn’t put them on a pedestal (I’ve seen it happen). Plenty of broke guys get laid and you need to realize that getting money isn’t a requirement to get laid. In fact, women will generally be less likely to sleep with you on the first couple dates because they want to hold out. Women keep sex from you so they look like a good girl who is worth dating; they don’t want to be pumped and dumped because they see you as a potential provider. Women know sex is powerful and they often use it as a manipulative tool.

money 100 dollar bills

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not telling you to stop trying to make money. Make as much money as you want, I’m a strong believer that money actually does buy happiness. But you don’t need money to get laid.

3. They don’t care about your looks

This is the biggest load of horse shit you’ll ever hear.

Women care about a man’s looks more than men care about a woman’s looks. Most guys will sleep with any girl that gets their dick hard (any girl who is a 4/10 or higher). Women are naturally much more selective than men are. If a woman is looking for a one night stand she wants it to be with the best looking guy she can get, while men will fuck anything that takes the bait. Women have infinitely more options for sex and dating than men do; women capitalize on that by being more selective in both dating and sex.

Your looks matter as a man. You’re selling yourself short if you aren’t working on your looks. And if you’re a man who finds sleeping with many women important to him, then start working on your looks. Here are 10 Tips to Become a Better Looking Man.

You can work on your game all you want, but if you’re not at least above average looking you won’t do very well with women.  Don’t listen to PUAs who tell you it’s all about your game, because it’s not. Game is important, but the first impression women and all people make of you is largely based on your appearance and body language.

4. You should never talk to other girls

This myth applies mainly to relationships. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you should cheat on your partner because that’s not what I’m advocating. However, if a woman knows you’re talking to other girls she will be more attracted to you. She’ll actually try harder to fight for your attention. This is talked about often in game and the manosphere, it’s generally referred to as Pre-Selection. Which is when women find you more attractive when they know other women find you attractive.

man talking to women

No woman wants a man who isn’t able to attract other women. If you’re only talking to one girl you’ll likely end up putting her on a pedestal and end up being some beta chump who gets dumped.

5. The relationship should always be equal

Largely thanks to feminism, mainstream society actually believes that men and women are completely equal and should be treated as such. Sadly, this push for equality has turned into male shaming and putting women above men.

In most modern relationships, the woman has the poor beta male wrapped completely around her finger. And this poor beta male keeps trying to please her, thinking that being nice to her is what she needs.

Here’s the cold hard truth: Men are supposed to be leaders in the relationship. Men are naturally bigger, stronger, more aggressive and dominant than women (Thanks to a hefty dose of testosterone). Men aren’t ruled by their emotions and are naturally much better leaders.

Throughout human history, men were the leaders of households and were almost always in charge. We know now that women are attracted men with dominant traits who can take the lead. Women are completely turned off by guys who supplicate and can’t make their own decisions. A feminine woman needs to be lead by an assertive man. Believe it or not, women are naturally submissive to men.

I’m not advocating that you go full caveman, completely control her and tell her what to do 24/7. She’ll likely behave like a child and rebel against you. What I am advocating is that you should be much more assertive with her and make it clear that you won’t be told what to do or pushed around. You’re the fucking man in the relationship, so behave like one. Men are masculine and women are feminine.

6. An Average guy can’t get perfect 10s

I know I just told you about how looks matter a lot. But they’re not everything. Obviously a good looking guy has a much better chance with the perfect 10 than an average guy. But that doesn’t mean average men can’t date and sleep with attractive women. I see it all the time really, you can walk around anywhere in public and see couples like this. Heck, I was overweight with a chubby face in high school but my first girlfriend was a strong 7/10.

All it really takes is that you actually ask these girls out. You need to at least put in the effort to approach them. Some of them will reject you but if you continue to approach you’ll eventually find one that is interested.

You’re automatically putting yourself above other men by approaching women. Most men are not capable of confidently talking to an attractive woman in public. If I had to throw out a number, I’d say a good 80% of guys would be too afraid to talk to a really good looking woman. Most women know this and are attracted to the fact that you took the initiative to approach them and make a move. Women are attracted to a man who is confident enough in himself to go after what he wants in life.

7. You should always tell the truth

Women always talk about how they hate guys who lie and how they want an “honest man.” Here’s the problem, women lie to you and to themselves all the time. There is nothing wrong with evening the playing field; I’m not telling you to lie to her about everything, but lie when you feel it’s necessary.

man lie

For example, a lot of guys who get into PUA and Game are virgins or really inexperienced. Once they get good at game they end up sleeping with a really attractive girl who has been around the block. The girl might ask this guy, “I bet you’ve slept with a lot of girls, how many?” A guy who believes in being honest would tell her she’s his first or second girl. The girl would instantly become turned off and may even get upset with herself for sleeping with such a low quality guy. I already told you about Pre Selection and how women want a man who is desired by other women. What this former virgin guy should’ve said is, “Thousands” or “It doesn’t matter how many”. That way it keeps her guessing and can make her more attracted to you.

Some writers in the manosphere suggest that women are all inherently pathological liars. I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion but from what I’ve seen women do lie whenever it benefits them. They’ll often use “The Trickle Truth”, look it up for yourself. If women can lie to men without second thoughts, so can men. A woman isn’t turned on by a guy who always speaks his mind and tells her how he feels.

Beta male: “Oh baby, I need to be honest, I just have to tell you that I really think I’m in love with you. I really care for you!”

A week later:

Woman: “Listen…I don’t think things are really working out anymore, I’ve…got to go.

8. You should never be selfish

I’ve always been a naturally selfish guy and I didn’t realize it worked to my benefit until I actually got into relationships. My partners would work harder for my attention because they knew I was worried more about myself and what I wanted to do. Girls tried to please me like they were my servant. I made the girl a part of my life, I didn’t become part of hers.

Victor Pride wrote an article in 2011 titled, The Only Piece of Advice You Will Ever Need to Pick Up and Attract Women and Keep Them Vying For Your Love, Attention and Affection. Quite a long title, but his one piece of advice was “Be Selfish.” And it finally clicked for me when I read that post.

And my favorite quote from that article:

A woman with an unselfish man, one who will do everything for her, is like a dog with a weak owner. The dog is unhappy because it has no boundaries or rules. The owner is unhappy because the dog acts like an asshole. When the dog has a firm owner and knows its boundaries it is a whole lot happier, and the owner is happy because he’s got himself a loving, obedient dog.

Women say that want to be treated like princesses, but when you do treat them like one they leave you and find a man who they can treat like a king.

If you want to go out to dinner with her, don’t say, “Hey do you want to come out to dinner with me baby?” instead say, “I’m going to Johnny’s restaurant, come with me.” If she says no, go anyway. Because you’re supposed to do what you want. I told you earlier that as a man, you should be the leader in the relationship. Start behaving like one. Be selfish and do what you want.

9. You need to pay for everything

50 to 60 years ago, men were the only ones who made money. They were the breadwinners and women often didn’t have jobs. Back then it was perfectly normal and almost a requirement for men to pay for dinner or drinks.

Nowadays women have jobs and make just as much money as men. Thats right feminists, there is no gender wage gap and multiple studies have shown this. So tell me, why should a man pay for everything if you also make money? That’s right…you don’t have to. You can do anything you want.

If you’re dating a girl, you two should go 50/50 on the bill the first few dates. If she’s one of those stuck up girls who gets angry or offended at that, then guess what? You just figured out she’s a bitch who wasn’t worth taking out in the first place.

10. You should try to help her with all of her problems

The classic beta male move: A woman runs to her man complaining about something insignificant. The man responds by trying to solve that problem, being there and comforting her.

Like I pointed out earlier, men and women are different. Men think very rationally and solve problems with logic, while women are often overrun by emotions and refuse to think rationally. In most cases, the girl doesn’t even want you to solve her problems, she just wants someone to listen to her. You probably listen to her problems and think that it’s easy to solve and you should tell her how to solve them. But in reality, you don’t need to solve her problems if they aren’t worth the time.

It’s one thing if a girl says, “My father passed away recently and I’m really not doing well,” in this case you should show that you care at least a little bit. If she is your girlfriend or wife then put some effort into it if it’s really a serious issue. But if your lady comes to you and says, “I’m really upset because Karen isn’t responding to my texts, were such good friends,” In this case it’s a “problem” that you shouldn’t concern yourself with. The best response is usually “That sucks” followed by walking in the other room or changing the subject.

Pay attention. This goes out to all the men reading this:

You are not her fucking therapist, you’re a guy who fucks her.

Yeah maybe she’s your girlfriend, but you’re not her life coach. You’re the leader in the relationship who isn’t worried about her problems because your problems are more important.

I hope this post opened some eyes for the unaware.

Sometimes the truth is hard to digest.

If you men fully adopt even a few of these ideas and apply them to your relationships, you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Good luck.


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  1. Amazing post

    Your blog is easily one of the best new blogs out there. I don’t read any other blogs that started out in 2015. How long have you been writing? Most of the blogs i read are older stuff like Bold and Determined that you linked to. What is your take on victor and his stuff?

  2. Damn good and true post! I’m glad guys like you write stuff like this because most people are too afraid to speak their minds.

  3. Ryan this post is gold. I couldn’t agree more that you shouldn’t help her with all of her problems. I had an ex that always complained to me about shit and back then I was always trying to solve them for her. Now I realize that I was more like a friend who listens to her problems than a boyfriend who she wants to be with.

  4. I was familiar with these already, but very well put together collection.

    This article is pure gold and should be taught at the end of primary school as obligatory material to all boys.

    An addition to the lying part. They are the weaker sex physically, therefore their “survival” method to get what they want is lying whenever it gets them something. They are taught to lie since their adolescent years by their mothers as the “proper way” to behave like a girl.

    Guess what, half of the above myths (lies) are taught to boys by their own mother !

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