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The Best Headphones for the Gym (Soul Electronics Combat+ vs. Run Free Pro Review)

I’ve officially become that guy who refuses to go to the gym without my headphones. When I leave my headphones at home there is a noticeable difference in my workout.

With no music, I can’t seem to get as pumped up before I start lifting. When I’m doing a really heavy set, I really benefit from hearing some music to help me through it. I can’t imagine doing cardio for long periods of time without some music. 

I used to buy only cheap headphones in the $5-$20 price range. The problem was that these would usually break easily. At some point, at least one side of the headphones wasn’t working. There is nothing more annoying than music only coming out of one earphone. 

Also cheap headphones don’t give you the same sound quality. I like to hear a stronger bass in my music and you just don’t get that with your cheaper headphones.

I like to listen to Electronic, Hip Hop and occasionally Rock music when I’m working out. 

I finally took the chance and invested in higher quality headphones. To be honest, price wasn’t much of an issue for me. I would rather spend $100 knowing that they’ll be worth it than $20 on cheap headphones that don’t deliver. 

I’ve tried a few different pairs, but I won’t review all of them for the sake of time. There are plenty of headphone reviews out there and of course I’m not an expert in headphones. However, the headphones I’ve got now are absolutely amazing compared to the cheap ones.

I currently take these to the gym everyday:

Soul Electronic's Run Free Pro Review

Benefits of The Run Free Pros:

  • Wireless earphones
  • Built in bluetooth.
  • They pair with your phone really quickly
  • Waterproof and sweat resistant
  • Pretty good at noise reduction. I can’t hear anybody talking when I go to gym.
  • Adjustable ear locks so they don’t fall off
  • 8 Hours of playtime

These headphones have been amazing for me.

They are great for Hip Hop and EDM music; they pack a lot of bass. They definitely drown out all the noise in the gym, and I can run on the treadmill for a hour and they won’t even come close to falling off. 

I told a longtime friend and lifting partner of mine to get a pair of these. He ended up buying headphones from Soul Electronic too. But it wasn’t the Run Free Pros.

He ended up buying Soul Electronic’s Combat+ Headphones

He prefers headsets instead of earphones and that’s what these are. I tried them out after he got them and they were slightly better than the Run Free Pros. They fit comfortably and were wireless too so I didn’t have to worry about a cord dangling around when I was working out.

They are more expensive though, but I ended up buying a pair of black and blues ones anyway for myself. Now I have two pairs that I can use at different times. 

I bring my Run Free Pros to the gym and when I go on long runs. I use the Combat+ at home and travel with them. Then again, either headphones are amazing to have when you’re on an airplane or a long car ride. 

How much do they cost?

Run Free Pro’s: $129.99

Combat+ Headset: $199.99

For me they were both worth the price, but if I were you I’d only pick one of them to save money. 

Other headphone recommendations?

I haven’t tried these myself, but a friend of mine who is a DJ in Boston, uses the Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones (from Amazon). Those are much more expensive at $299. They are apparently the best headphones he’s used, and they better be for that price. 

If you’re really into working out and don’t want to spend too much, I’d suggest the Run Free Pros. But if you’re really into music I’d suggest one of the more expensive headsets. Regardless, they are both absolutely amazing headphones, give them a shot. 

Let me know if any of you have headphone recommendations in the comments below.


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  1. I’ve always recommended Bose headphones to everyone. I’ve never tried the soul electronics ones you recommend but I might give it a shot.

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