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The Biggest Mistake You Can Make During Any Fat Loss Diet

The biggest mistake you can make is not taking yourself seriously.

When you want to do something, truly ask yourself how important it is to you and your life.

If you respect yourself and your goals, you will stick to them.

I used to be 250lbs, then I cut down to 200lbs. Not lean enough yet to see abs I continued my diet, and pushed further even though I wanted to be done with it. This process literally took two years for me to reach my goal.

Dieting for so long really takes a toll on your mind and body. If your body isn’t exhausted all the time, then you’re mind will be. FYI, long term calorie deficits can actually lead to depression in people. This is why you should take your diet seriously and avoid the mistakes I made.

What messed me up throughout the 2 years, was me simply not taking my myself or my fat loss seriously.

I would distract myself with Netflix, Video games and partying with friends. Little did I realize, I still woke up every single day unsatisfied with my body. I would distract myself with things that weren’t as important to me. It wasn’t until I truly wanted to get my first girlfriend in high school, that I really started changing.

This is why you need to make your fat loss a priority.

Stop obsessing over characters in TV shows and video games. Video games give you a false sense of accomplishment because you’re not actually moving anywhere in the real world. Sure you’ll get achievements and maybe level up in a game but where does that actually matter?

If changing your body becomes the number one goal, there is no reason why you should not be succeeding.

You’ll start working out on a routine/schedule and you will say no to junk food because your fat loss is more important to you then a little cheat meal. Missing workouts will make you upset because you aren’t moving towards your goal.

Make changing your life your number one priority. Don’t let the little things get in the way.

You will hit some plateaus, but it is perseverance that will help you overcome them.

There are way too many people who give up after a few weeks of trying.

Little did they know, if they continued their diet they would’ve reached their goals.

A man without a direction is a man who will not make progress.logo_1399751_web

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  1. Really inspirational post man I really needed this. I’ve been dieting for months and its starting to really suck. I also did like the shorter post but your longer articles are good too. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for reading, I definitely want to get a lot of my articles out there so people can read them. Thats why I hope they aren’t too long for people to go through without going all ADD and spacing out. But anyway stick to the diet until you reach your goal, I can guarantee you’ll be very happy once you overcome the odds. Dieting really does take time so be patient.

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