Can Self-Improvement make you more insecure?

Can Self-Improvement Make You Insecure?

Self-Improvement is the act of improving yourself in some fashion, overall making yourself better than you were the previous day. 

Self-Improvement is what I’m about, and what The Former Fat Kid is about.  

I realized the other day how the very act of wanting to improve yourself is telling yourself “You’re not good enough.”

You’ll figure out your weak points and want to change something about them. 

In order to do that you must be able to admit that you indeed have weak points. 

Everyone is insecure about something.

However, most people don’t have the courage or the effort to do something about it.

For example, say you’re overweight like I used to be. You’re most likely insecure about your stomach fat and would be significantly self conscious if you had to take your shirt off in public. You’re insecure about your body and you know it. From that point people usually take one of two paths. They can either admit they are insecure and do something about it like exercising, or they live a life of denial and attempt to accept themselves for who they are. 

There is nothing wrong with accepting your flaws and ultimately deciding not to work on them.

But there is something wrong if you don’t do anything and it’s something that causes you a lot of stress. 

You can’t truly accept yourself and still actively desire to improve yourself. Cognitive Dissonance, look it up. 

If you want to follow a self-improvement lifestyle you need to realize that you may never be satisfied. 

You have goals, and when you reach those goals you’ll want even more.

You told yourself you be satisfied but you just aren’t satisfied.

You’ll get laid and the next day you’ll want to do it again.

You’ll make money, and you’ll want more money. 

You’ll get muscular from working out so much but still desire to get bigger and leaner. 

You have to focus on what you’re doing now to live happily and successfully while doing self-improvement. 

You need to truly embrace the journey of improvement.

To truly flourish in life, you must live in the present moment and enjoy the path you’re taking. 

You’ve heard of that phrase, Life isn’t a Sprint, it’s a Marathon.” It couldn’t be more accurate.

I used to hate hearing that because I used to be a very impatient person. I wanted everything at that exact moment in time. 

4 Time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, a bodybuilder, who is considered one of the greatest ever, was asked about the mentality of a Bodybuilder…

He said, “You have to have that satisfaction with never being satisfied, because you always want to be better, you always want a better physique, you have to push yourself beyond limitations. You look at some guys who potentially could be the best physiques in the world but they don’t have the mental capability to push themselves. Mentally, I think have to be a little crazy.”

Don’t tell yourself that you’ll truly be happy if this happens or if that happens.

Or that your whole life will change if reach that specific goal.

Enjoy your personal development today, not tomorrow. 

That’s what self-improvement is truly about. 


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  1. I’m glad you finally you came out with another article man, it was good. I’m liking how your newer stuff is kind of outside of the box. But I do have a question, are you happy now even though you are still doing self-improvement? I can definitely relate to the fact that working on my body has made me a little more insecure about how I look.

    1. Yes I’m honestly doing pretty well while still doing self-improvement. Sometimes I’ll feel down just like anyone but the times I feel like that are much less frequent than they used to be. As I said you really do have to live in the present moment and stop thinking so much about next week or next year. Focus on today. Thanks for reading.

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