Low bodyfat percentage

The Secret to all Great Physiques

What do all Great Physiques have in Common?

It’s not as complicated as you might think.

It separates Average Joes from Elite Bodybuilders.

That Secret is: Low Body Fat Percentage.

In order to have a great body you need to have low body fat in order to show off the muscle underneath.

You can be a huge 220lb guy sure, but you don’t look impressive if you have a big stomach along with it.

What’s the point of being huge, and being the strongest guy in the gym if you’re obese?

How lean you are separates the average guys from the ones who are serious about their goals.

You could be 150 lbs soaking wet, but if you’re bodyfat is really low people will assume you’re a lot bigger than you actually are. 

Some guys go on bulks for years and never decide to diet down because they fear becoming small and losing their gains.

What they don’t realize are two important factors:

1. When you strip the fat off, you look bigger than you did before even though you weigh less now. The fat being gone uncovers the muscle underneath so that you can see striations and definition. The majority of the time, you’ll look better the leaner you get. You won’t see 6 pack abs until the fat is gone. 

2. You won’t lose as much muscle as you think. Guys in the gym always think they’ll lose muscle if they diet. The actual amount of muscle you lose dieting even at low bodyfat percentages is actually really low. A very interesting study was done on this.

Here are the cliffnotes of the military study.

  • They had soldiers do a lot of cardio, burning up to 6000 calories each day
  • Most were in the range of 3000-4000 calorie deficit per day
  • They ate less than 1300 calories per day
  • They went through extreme sleep deprivation
  • But… They didn’t lose muscle mass until they reached 5-6% bodyfat. (extremely lean)

This shows us that you really don’t have to worry at all about losing muscle unless you plan on getting super lean.

Natural weight lifters should aim for 9-10% bodyfat as their goal. This is because after a while of dieting, it takes a serious toll on your body. You don’t recover as fast, your energy levels become lower, your testosterone and other hormone production lowers, your sex drive lowers, etc. I’ve heard of some natural bodybuilders who weren’t able to get an erection because of their extreme diets. Don’t let that scare you from dieting though, that only happens to guys that are already 10% bodyfat who diet for months to reach 5-6%.

That being said…

The only thing stopping you from reaching a great physique is yourself.

Stop making excuses and do it now.

Yeah dieting can be difficult, and a pain for some. But it’s time to stop complaining and take some fucking action.

What’s the point of building all that muscle if you always have a big layer of fat covering it up?

Here is a picture of different body fat percentages for reference:

body fat percentage chart

If you truly desire to attain a great physique, low bodyfat is essential.

It’s time to finish up that bulking diet and start getting shredded.

If you need help, Check Out How To Lose Fat (Made Simple) and 6 Ways to Speed Up Fat Loss.


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  1. Nice post.

    When I was younger I hated the guys that were super skinny but had ripped abs but deep down I was just jealous. Now I know its better to be lean than that super big dude with a fat stomach. I’m at 15% now, probably aiming for 9-10% like you recommend.

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