Two Reasons Why I Successfully Lost Fat

When I was overweight, I tried and failed to diet on multiple occasions.

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work.

After I successfully got Shredded, (which keep in mind took a long time), I realized two vital factors for success.

This not only applies to Fat Loss but it can apply to Building Muscle, or even non fitness goals.

Factor Number 1:

Stay Accountable for Your Fat Loss (Keep a Written Journal)

You can’t say, “Oh I’m gonna diet but not keep track of my progress.”

Almost every successful weight loss journey was made by someone who kept track of their goals.

I keep journal that I write in every single day, even to this day after I completed my goal. 

I don’t write paragraphs, I just write quick notes that help me keep track of what’s going on.

Every day I wake up, weigh myself, go back to my room and write down that number. I write down which supplements I took and the type of workout I did. For example I would write down, Cardio 25 mins, Lifting: Back, Biceps, Traps.” I also keep note of when I have cheat days, and write that down always.

Keeping track of what you eat and when you eat, really helps you figure out if your diet is working or not.

If you write down your numbers everyday you will feel attached to your goal like never before.

It makes you accountable because you want to change the numbers written down on the page.

You’ll see the numbers change right in front of you.

And it’s truly a great feeling looking over what you used to weigh months ago, and where you are now.

You must keep a journal, preferably handwritten but electronic works too.

Factor Number 2:

Set a Routine that Becomes a Habit. 

Many guys talk about how important it is to be disciplined.

And a disciplined person always has a routine they go through each day.

For me it was as simple as doing morning cardio on an exercise bike.

I would wake up everyday, grab a cup of coffee sometimes with Kratom to relax and feel good, then get straight to it.

At the beginning I set easy numbers, forcing myself to only do 15 to 20 minutes of cardio each morning.

I knew that if I set a goal of 45 minutes or longer, I wouldn’t stick to it and probably start dreading my morning routine.

Overtime, short sessions became easy so I gradually bumped up the time I did.

Since I kept a journal, I could see how much weight I was losing from the additional cardio. When my weight loss numbers stalled, I would refer to my journal and figure out a plan of action. Usually, I either increased the cardio I did, or decreased the amount of calories I ate.

This morning routine was absolutely vital for my progress.

Forcing yourself to do cardio every morning, even if it isn’t high intensity, still takes a lot of discipline and increases willpower.

The more disciplined you are in your routine, the easier it will be to get ripped.

I’m sure some of you thought my tips for fat loss were going to be about eating and training.

But the reality is most people already know you need a Calorie Deficit to Lose Weight.

What most people didn’t know is the importance of accountability and discipline in their fat loss journeys.

You must stay accountable for everything you do.

Keep a journal and set a morning, afternoon or evening routine that is conducive to your success.


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