BCAA Supplements

Why BCAA Supplements are a Waste of Money

I got an email from a guy asking about BCAAs, and I had to address it shortly but to the point. 

I’m sure you are familiar with the fact that all supplement companies out there want to make money.

They will market you any product they can and they’ll pay a Pro Bodybuilder to say he uses it. 

The fact is: The majority of supplements out there are useless.

BCAA’s are useless and a waste of money. 

BCAAs (Branch-Chain Amino Acids) are apparently supposed to help you with recovery and building muscle.

Here’s the problem…

You don’t need any type of BCAA or Amino Acid powders if you eat enough Protein. 

Your body gets amino acids from the Protein you consume through your diet.

If you consume enough Protein you simply are wasting your time and money with these supplements. 

Some people say they help you retain muscle while on a Cutting Diet…

However, they don’t realize that you can still eat enough protein on a cutting diet. You don’t need 300 grams a day. 

The study that showed people benefitting from BCAAs, were people who didn’t get enough protein in their diets.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t like to eat a lot of protein, then go ahead. 

But overall, they are simply not necessary. 

For those that say they provide a good energy boost…

I doubt it, and if you really want an energy boost take a Pre-Workout with some stimulants. 

I realize this post is short, but it had to be made.

You don’t need BCAAs.

Save your money and your time. 

Good luck guys. 


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  1. Actually I kind of like the short post but I have one question, if BCAAs dont work why is there some studies that say they do work? But I do agree though that you don’t need them if you eat enough protein.

    1. Well as far as I know the studies that support BCAA’s were actually funded by supplement companies selling BCAA’s. Now by itself, it doesn’t mean that they were incorrect because of bias but there is always a chance of that. Also there are studies showing that taking them has no benefit so it goes both ways. Thanks for reading.

  2. Thanks for writing this, I was researching a BCAA supplement from GNC and was about to buy it until I decided to research if they actually worked. I found this through google and I’m glad I did, im pretty sure you just saved me 50$. thanks.

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