Why Game Doesn't Matter Unless You're Good Looking

Why Game Doesn’t Matter Unless You’re Good Looking (Part One)

Most men who spend a decent amount of time on the internet are bound to find PUA/Game Blogs, Forums and Videos. They talk about different strategies of approaching women and what to say to them.

They want to draw in guys who are lonely and desperate to get laid. (typically virgins and inexperienced men)

What is PUA and Game?

Game – Certain pickup lines, or moves you use to attract someone and get them into the bedroom. The words you say. 

Pick Up Artist (PUA) – Someone who spends the majority of their time approaching women using many different techniques of game. They refer to people they approach as “Sets” and have different strategies for each Set. 

Many of these PUAs and Dating Coaches make a living from teaching guys this stuff. PUAs try to sell them books/guides, and some encourage their followers to spend hundreds of dollars on “in person training”. I’ve heard of one guy who will remain nameless (for legal purposes), who charged 5000$ for a one on one session. This PUA wants five grand so he can teach you how to talk to women…seems legit.

Sadly there are PUAs out there that make fake infield videos. An infield video is a video where a PUA goes out in public and approaches women. Some of these “experts” actually hire models, actresses and random women for their videos; they pay them to get picked up on camera. Don’t believe everything your favorite PUA says if you’re not even positive his videos are real. 

Truthfully, some PUAs do actually have good advice, that can be useful in certain situations. However, a lot of them try to sell you the idea that “Looks Don’t Matter,” and that couldn’t be more wrong. They’ll say looks don’t matter so that they can make more money. If they said looks did matter, they would be cutting off a large part of their market, and in turn make a lot less money. Let’s face it, most good looking guys don’t look up seduction and pick up advice because they’re already successful.

Here’s the truth: “Looks are the Most Important Factor in Attraction.” 

PUAs get some credit though, when an above average looking guy (6/10) has good game, then he will have a better chance compared to just small talking because he’s already slightly attractive. But there is no doubt that if you are below average in looks, no amount of game will save you.

And I truly believe every man can get to at least a 6/10.

(Read: 10 Tips on How To Become a Better Looking Man.)

I’ll ask you this…

Do you really believe that a short, obese, balding man covered in acne could get laid if he just said the right things?

Good looking guys have a huge advantage over average looking guys, even if the better looking guy has worse social skills.

Being good looking has even more benefits according to this study, “College students viewed pictures of men and women of different levels of attractiveness, some good looking, some average, and some unattractive. On the photographs alone, they rated the more attractive people as being more interesting, kind, modest, outgoing, sensitive and sociable. They also believed the good looking people had more prestigious jobs, great marriages, and better quality lives. 

These results show us that people associate good looking people with very positive traits and qualities.

PUAs often use lines and tactics so that they appear more interesting, outgoing and fun to be around. In reality, the woman probably sees right through their routine. Simply put, all you really have to do is have a good looking face and they will already assume these things about you.

If you’re good looking enough, most of what you say will already have value. If you don’t believe me then take a look at how women eat up anything an attractive guy says.

He could be boring, it could be the typical, “I had to come over and talk to you cause you’re sexy“, it could be juvenile like bathroom humor, regardless, women will giggle and have a great time talking to a guy who looks like a male model.

If an unattractive man said these things they wouldn’t have value to the woman, and simply wouldn’t make a difference.

PUAs will tell you that any boring and ugly guy can get laid as long as he approaches enough women and uses the right words.

But that’s simply not the case. Looks are important. End of story.

Often, when a good looking guy uses a dating app like Tinder he gets hundreds of matches in just the 1st day.

When an average looking guy does he might get 3 or 4 matches in the first week.

Contrary to popular belief, women are very picky when it comes to looks, and they seek out the best looking man they can get. It’s natural for people to do that. Biologically, we desire to pass on our genes with the most healthy looking person possible. Facial aesthetics and symmetry are great indicators of good genes and health. We are attracted to great looking people and drawn to them. 

I’ll ask you this question to wrap up Part One of this post.

If this woman approached you in a bar, but spit some game, had good social skills, etc… Would you suddenly want to bang her?

Unattractive Woman

Most likely not. 

She isn’t terrible looking but she certainly isn’t my type. And I can see that just by looking at her.

Now, what if this woman approached you? Would the exact words she said matter to you?

Beautiful Woman

The words wouldn’t matter and you wouldn’t think twice about it.You’d already be fantasizing about getting her clothes off because you’re physically attracted to her.

Some of you will say this is because men and women are different, and that men only care about looks and that’s why “Game” doesn’t matter to us.

It’s true that men and women are different, and that women don’t have to “game” us because men are usually the ones doing the approaching. However, no amount of game will get an ugly guy laid unless he’s filthy rich, some celebrity, or a professional athlete, and even then its due to his social status and money, not his game. 

It doesn’t matter if you memorized the best pick up lines, if you’re already unattractive to the woman it won’t matter which tactic you use. You could use mind games and even implement reverse psychology, maybe you’ll make fun of her and use “Asshole Game” to somehow make her like you more. Nevertheless, you’d be wasting your time if she’s not physically attracted to you.

Sexual strategy and seduction tactics can definitely work, there is no doubt about that. But they won’t help you much if you’re not at least decent looking.  

I’m absolutely not telling you to give up and sulk just because your looks don’t meet a certain standard. Instead, realize that if getting a lot of women is really important in your life, you need to improve your looks. Don’t waste your money on pick up seminars that won’t give you the harsh truth.

Once you have worked on your looks, you can work on your game. 

Physical Attraction is the key. It opens the door for you. Once you’re in the door, a little game can help. 

Part 2 of this Post is Here.


Study Source Referenced in the Post: Dion, K., Berscheid, E., & Walster, E. (1972). What is beautiful is good. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 24(3), 285-290.

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  1. Someone linked me to this post and after checking out your site its pretty great. But I don’t know if I completely agree with this post because I’ve seen ugly guys with hot girls, and even some of my friends who pulled hot girls in the club and they weren’t good looking themselves. Also what about all of the infield footage we see of pickup artists is that all fake? I definitely think looks make a difference but I’m not completely convinced. It would be great if you replied. Nice blog Ryan!


    1. To answer your questions, Yes, many guys in the pickup community have been caught using fake footage. They hire actresses and models to pretend like they are getting picked up. I’ll talk about this is in Part 2.

      And for the “Ugly Guys” you see with hot girls, how do you know if they really are ugly? I’ve been surprised in the past how some guys I thought were ugly, were called hot by women. Regardless, some women will date guys less attractive than them for many different reasons.

      The point of my post is to show you that looks will trump any amount of game, and that you should work on your appearance before your game. A 10/10 guy with average social skills would be more successful than 7/10 with great social skills and even better game.

  2. This post is load of crap. I here this all time. The problem this author has is that he thinks women thinks like guys. They don’t.

    If looks were the be all and end all, then 95% of men would not get laid.

    To me good looks are like having a knockout punch in Boxing. Yes – It’s an advantage. Yes you will win fights just on that alone. But you be long reigining world champ or even be good world champion on that alone if you don’t have good chin, speed, etc.

    1. So you really believe that the average ugly guy can get laid with a beautiful woman if he uses some pickup routines? Looks aren’t everything but they are a huge factor in attraction. Why do you think girls go wild when they meet a really good looking guy?

    2. ahhaha mate keep believing that. I used to be like you and thought that looks didnt matter until i worked as a bouncer and face the harsh truth of reality. Many girls have came up to me and bluntly ask if their were any hot tall muscly guys in the club dtf. My male friend is a model, he goes out with me one night, stands at the bar with a drink in his hand and within 1hr five of the hottest chick in da club cold approached him and made out (kissing, fingering, handjob) with him the whole night, long story short he ended up taking two girls home(and this dude could barely speak English let alone game).

      1. Yep just read the all the thousands/millions of vugar comments woman have wrote about this Jeremy dude, one in particular that caught my eye was ” i let him murder my pussy any day” its absurd.This is a fucken crimminal and woman all over the world want to pay money to bail him out because of his looks. The sad reality is that most woman care about is looks even more so than guys but are just afraid or been socially condition not to admit it. Its a superficial world we live, ugly guys in pua community just cant face the facts, yes being ugly is still possible to acquire hot bitches but is 1000 times harder just be prepared to face thousands of rejections and have a top notch personality and game, (hot guys do not need personality). Us Ugly guys just dont make it a limiting belief and do the best with what you got 🙂

  3. I’m new to this site and after reading a handful of interesting articles, I must say it was very displeasing to come across this article. In my opinion this article is utterly biased towards NOT ONLY the PUA community, but towards social dynamics in general. For instance, you mention something about looks being the primal quality females look for in a man, I counter that argument with the fact women are emotional based biological “machines”, conversely, men are naturally cognitive inhabiting beings. Additionally, that paradigm about a relatively unattractive woman approaching a man at a bar is not only a very unlikely scenario but, we men are biologically visual-effective cognitive “machines” , thus a woman would be rather unlikely to successfully emotionally engage us with idle talk because . Furthermore, a woman who is approached daily by MANY attractive guys will not be dying to go out with each and every one of them just because they’re handsome; an unattractive man with proper game skills can easily (usually, but not always) have an upper hand over a couple attractive guys if he uses proper PUA game a woman (even without the natural advantage of attraction).

    1. My overall point was that you have to be at least above average and then game comes in. You can’t be physically ugly with good game and get a ton of women, it doesn’t happen. A lot of PUAs make fake infield videos so you can’t trust everything you see.

      1. “you have to be at least above average and then game comes in”

        Well, unless you look REALLY ugly I think most guys can look “at least above average” if they take care of their body and dress well. So, for the majority of the men, what really matters is their social skills.

          1. curious what do you think of the RSD guys? They are the number one advocate of looks dont matter but they have tons of infields as proof. Do you think they are fake them? the ugliest guy there is RSD tyler(owen cook) and he has ton of them showing pulling chick, decent looking ones to.

          2. There are quite a few people who think they hire women to act for their infield videos. I’ll admit that some of them look a little bit questionable, but others seem like normal interactions. I think they can pull chicks for 2 reasons: 1. They approach a ton of them, one will be interested eventually, and 2. They have been working on their game for years so they’re pretty good at it.

        1. actually they aren’t masterbatiing to a picture…they are masterbating to memories and stories.

          hence why women’s porn has been historically romance novels. funny enough… one cover of a “hot” generic guy on the front…and then 200 ( or more) pages of erotic thoughts /words that match up with the elements I wrote in my post….if u stop to think or dare even venture to read one….adventurous travel affairs, vampires, detailed bdsm, taboo sexual encounters……

          i would dare to argue that u can create the same context or feelings in her mind with words and actions as well…and a tiny amount of looks or should I say just don’t be unsightly or gross.

          . when is the last time you as a guy read a 200+ page words only porn novel???? no its self evident that there’s different wiring happening behind the scenes that DOES make game work and possible.

          1. I’m not sure if i can directly reply to your post ryan BC it doesn’t seem to give me the option, but I’ll reply to my own..lol

            **pale, sickly vampire looking dudes? yet seem to have a universal sex appeal to a large chunk of women…..**

            yes, one picture of a hot dude on the cover of the book may suggest that. however if ull notice…it isn’t the muscled up dude more then half the time… and what one woman says is a “handsome” face 3 other women will argue that he’s not that appealing and some other dude is…

            if u look at real marriages and hook ups hottest women are with average baby/girl faced dudes. a lot of them are skinny and puny guys as well.

            as for dark and tall … yep socially these are (minorly) appealing but again … I would say its irrelevant….. if a girl ” feels” 200+ pages of emotions and sexual arousal in the equivalent of your ACTIONS, words, and vibe…. they wouldn’t reject or not be deeply sexually aroused to a guy if he were average height or didn’t get his tan on…. ?

            in other words would I masterbate to a super model body woman with an average face….. hells yeah! its called most porn lol.. why? we are wayyy more visually aroused then they are…. but we can’t see that BC we have man brain…. just as they can’t understand our porn BC they have female brain..and think we don’t care as much about looks and more about feelings LIKE THEY do…

            BC u and I can’t see the WORLD through “girl” eyes….BUT we can reverse engineer what it “might be like” by noticing what they say and what they do as females and speculate HOW I WOULD HAVE TO SEE THE WORLD to think , say and do the things they do.

            tldr; version – if we can trigger those emotions /thoughts and memories in a woman..we DO NOT need the looks to do so and women will reverse rationalize that we are somehow “special”…. its the honest to good truth….BUT it takes skill to get past the knee jerk social frame of NOT being good looking and doing cold approach pickup…. BC women are multileveled and facted and believe they have a type that they don’t vary from…yet almost universally do and will given right circumstances.. .

            its what our parents did BEFORE the internet…. its called chatting up REAL WORLD women…AND EVEN just going out to do so….lol

  4. i was told by one of my friend if i cant get a girlfriend that i should try and get a boyfriend and im better off going to backpage and paying for sex i hate my face to the core of my entire heart.

  5. the looks factor has always been a huge debate in the community. the neuroscience, common sense,, prob even your parents are proof that looks aren’t the biggest factor. its maybe 10-20% and can be transcended by game.

    yep you get more attention with looks and the psychological study your talking about is true. however, attraction or the idea that we call attraction is actually three parts for women. the parts are social frame, emotional stimulation, and sexual arousal. ALL OF WHICH can be achieved through game ( and only very rarely can looks alone generate all of these things automatically in a woman.)

    however, there are different levels of game. if you can “spit” game like its taught in the community currently then your most likely not hitting all three parts.

    ultimately just getting her curiosity , being interesting to her , relating with her view points of the world, emotionally charge her with a story or physically, and sexualized in vibe will hit all of these.

    MOST pua as it stands today doesn’t do this nor teaches how to do this…hence why looks, natural game (which IS a lie), and inner game is so big right now BC real seduction isn’t taught.

    further more articles like this pop up and confuse the matter even further. if your a NORMAL AVERAGE GUY them just go out and meet lots of women and learn to do what i said above through practice.

    if your gross or unsightly…. then work on it a bit.. of course.get to being average or at least as close as you can and then also learn to game. social frame is the biggest problem here or specifically how they see you fit into their world and/or learn to game past it.

    if your a model… them go f*** yourself 😛 BC I wish I were a model too. however, one day your looks will fade and even now if you learn to talk to women you could be doing better then you think… I know plenty of good looking guys that can’t get women…. BC they don’t know how to talk to them so no…. looks doesn’t just gibe you an auto free pass either.

    conclusion: don’t believe everything you read online. use some common sense, turn off the f***ing smartphone and social media and just go out in the real world and talk to women….. see what happens… BC ypou gotta try at the end of the day.

    1. Good points, but I’ll always tell guys they should improve their looks before they go out and talk to women. It makes life easier for them. If a guy is physically unattractive (even with good game) he won’t get many women.

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