Low Carb Diet

Why Low Carb Diets Are Not Necessary

What is a Low Carb Diet?

Usually a diet in which, an individual eats little to no carbohydrates, and receives the majority of their calories from protein and fats. I’d say someone who only eats 50 grams of carbs a day is an example of low carb. 

Why do people Lose Weight on these Diets?

A lot of people in the fitness industry have gone on low carb diets to lose weight, and some have been successful.

After they lost the weight, they attributed their success to only Low Carb.

The reality is….they were eating at a Calorie Deficit. That is how they lost weight.

Low Carb by itself won’t do anything if you eat at a calorie surplus. 

This happens a lot. Someone can go on any type of crazy diet and then claim that is the reason they lost weight.

I’m happy for the people that have success, but I don’t like misinformation being put out there. 

The number 1 rule to lose weight is to eat at a calorie deficit, it doesn’t matter how many carbs you consume.

Low Carb Diets are Terrible if you Lift Weights. 

This is caused by a few factors but the most difficult one to deal with is low energy from low carb. 

After all, carbohydrates are an important energy source for your body. 

There is no doubt that if you eat low carb, your energy levels will generally be pretty low throughout the day. 

Now I’m not saying if you do low carb for a few days you’ll be exhausted, but long term low carb can certainly be a struggle. 

Not only that but you won’t be able to maintain your strength as much in the gym.

Your muscle glycogen levels will be depleted from a low carbohydrate diet. 

In turn, your muscles will appear smaller and you will get less reps in the gym. 

On Top of That…

Low Carb diets just aren’t necessary.

Why put yourself through such a struggle, if you can still eat carbs and lose the exact same amount of weight?

Calories are King.

Specifically calculated macronutrient ratios are useless for the average person.

I will say this though… 

Low Carb diets can be beneficial for some individuals. 

Mainly older people, aged 50 and older who live a sedentary lifestyle. 

These people don’t workout at all, so when they eat excessive amounts of carbohydrates, some can indeed be stored as fat since they aren’t burned as energy. 

But this is where that carbs will make you fat myth came from. Studies that showed sedentary individuals gaining fat on high sugary diets.

Of course, they gained fat. They eat a ton of food and never exercise.

However, active individuals are a completely different story. 

If you are reading my site you most likely exercise, so it is completely okay to eat carbohydrates. 

Carbs are great for Pre Workout Energy, and they can fuel you through a tough training session. 

I’ve been on successful fat loss diets numerous times, and carbohydrate restriction was never one of them. 

 Low Carb can be difficult, and most people can’t stick to it.

They go crazy eating no carbs after a few days, and then end up binge eating everything in sight. 

Don’t listen to people tell you that excess Carbs are stored as bodyfat. That is nonsense. 

According to data, your body rarely stores excess carbs as body fat.

Instead, it stores dietary fat, as body fat. Mainly in a calorie surplus. 

Use some common sense here…

If you have a stomach full of carbs and fat,

Why would the body choose to convert all the carbs into fat instead of just using the readily available fat you just ate?

At the end of the day, Low Carb Diets are pointless. 

If you want to lose fat, eat a calorie deficit with a balanced amount of protein, carbs and fat. 

As far as building muscle, it would be incredibly useless to eat low carb at a calorie surplus. 

If for some reason you still want to try low carb, I say do whatever you want. But keep what I wrote here in mind. 


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  1. I hate these keto diet people that keep pushing low carb.

    I heard this one guy try to tell me that his whole life changed from removing carbs from his diet.

    He said he got stronger, ripped, felt better, claimed his dick got bigger or some bullshit, and that carbs were the devil.

    Nice post.

    1. Bigger dick from low carbs….maybe he was using a Bathmate. But in all seriousness I hate people that push these diets while making broscience claims too. Thanks for reading.

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