Working Out To Impress Women

Should You Lift Weights to Impress Women?

How many times have you heard people say, “Don’t workout for Women, Workout for Yourself!”

Great, but here’s the issue…

The vast majority of people workout to impress other people, but they just won’t admit it.

I’m different than the other “fitness gurus” out there when I tell you this. 

It all comes down to one big factor. That factor is whether or not you care about what other people think of you.

Everyone cares about what other people think. Its normal. Its natural. Its part of being human.

We are biologically designed to socialize and to judge other people. People care about others opinions so they can make decisions about themselves and their lives.

For example, You might wear a new outfit when you go out, and then you check to see if people treat you better and look at you more often because of your new outfit. You want to see what people think of your new clothes.

People try to say, “Don’t care what others think,” But that’s honestly impossible.

If you honestly told me right now that you didn’t care about a single person’s opinion of you on this earth, not your parents, siblings, friends, girlfriend, etc. I’d say you’re highly delusional, or have some sort of mental disorder.

Everyone cares and everyone judges. It’s time to embrace that.

I’m not being negative about this. In fact, I’m being positive.

Embrace the fact you care about other’s opinions of you.

So here’s where working out comes in…

When I started getting serious about lifting at 15, the major reason was so that I could “attract girls”

I was an overweight football player who thought that getting ripped was the solution to getting a girlfriend. It wasn’t the only reason I lifted, I also wanted to get stronger for football. Eventually I started to enjoy the training itself.

Overtime, women became less of a motivator but deep down I still wanted to impress them with a ripped physique.

My point is, deep down every single one of you wants to impress people, whether it’s the primary reason you lift or a less important one.

Bodybuilders get ripped to impress judges and their gym buddies.

Powerlifters lift heavy weights to impress at the competition.

Athletes lift to impress their coaches and teammates.

The average joe lifts to impress people in general.

And these aren’t bad things.

Our society needs to stop thinking that being insecure and caring about other’s opinions is bad. It’s well known in social psychology that people do care about what others think and that’s a fact.

Now that you know this. You might ask…

Is it bad to lift to impress women?

Yes and No.

If getting women is something that really motivates you personally, you just might end up getting ripped because of it.

Would you rather be the overweight guy who doesn’t get laid and says “Don’t care what others think,” or the guy who is ripped, gets laid a lot, and says, “Yeah I care what others think, so what.”

Most of the reasons why people are motivated to change themselves is completely out of insecurities.

However, if you care too much you will start becoming obsessed with what women think is the ideal body. (which isn’t a bodybuilder)

You will constantly seek validation from women and it will be a never ending cycle.

In an ideal scenario, you should embrace that fact the you want to impress people. But don’t make it your primary reason for lifting. 

Lifting weights and improving your body is one of the greatest things you can do for your life.

Don’t become obsessed with other’s opinions like a narcissist would, instead enjoy the compliments you get but lift for whatever reason you want.

You are moving forward as long as you are going to the gym and making that effort to change yourself.

So what if you want to impress some people. 

If you’re insecure then do something about it. 

You might just get absolutely ripped out of total insecurity.


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  1. I actually liked this,

    What you’re saying is a lot different than others. But being insecure I don’t think is a good thing but I understand what you’re saying. Good article though.


    1. I agree that being insecure isn’t necessarily good but its something everyone has to deal with. Everyone is insecure about something. That’s why I say you must embrace it. Eventually you might overcome those insecurities.

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